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  1. Yarda

    Yarda New Member

    Does someone has same proble with stock calendar? Do you know the solution?
    When I add new event with location I'm not able to find that in google maps.

    When I touch the adress nothing happens.. I'm little bit frustrated by this.

    I have to memorize the adress or copy it from event editing and manually put it into to the Google Maps app... :-\

  2. Elias Hedberg

    Elias Hedberg New Member

    I have the same problem, running Jelly Bean (4.1.1) on a Google/Samsung Nexus S.

    Frustrating, and I have not found any solution yet.
  3. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have no problems with it. Works fine for me.
  4. oneumbrlla

    oneumbrlla New Member

    Do you have any other problems with the Jelly Bean Calendar
  5. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    It works fine for me too. I even entered something was obviously not an address and it still provided a link and opened Google Maps.
  6. Yarda

    Yarda New Member

    It's weird.. I have no other problem with calendar...
  7. Yarda

    Yarda New Member

    Finally. Calendar update in Google Play finally solves the problem! :rolleyes:

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