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Ever had this?General

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  1. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Your somewhere and you have no signal. The phone says "Emergency calls only" You go somewhere else and someone calls you, but the display doesn't light up and you cant answer the call. You have to reboot the phone to get it working right.
    I work in a concrete building and get this all the time! :confused:
    I have 2.1 10vd BTW

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Never happened here. And I work in a bunker. Only happened on v20a with wifi enabled...
  3. ashleyalison

    ashleyalison New Member

    I live in a basement apartment and it goes into emergency calls only in the most random spots. Never had an issue with it not allowing me to answer the phone or having to reboot it because of that.

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