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    I have been using S Note on my G Note 10.1 and have been pretty happy with it for note-taking. However, I am also slowly building up a library of documents within Evernote and am finding its storage and search features to be very helpful. In an effort to consolidate, I've been exporting S Note documents, (a mix of handwritten, transcribed, and marked-up PDF files) into Evernote for storage and tagging.

    Thus far, the only way I can figure out to get my S Notes notes into Evernote is to export as a PDF. This puts the S Note PDF into an export folder, and I have to then go there and Share with Evernote, which creates a new note. Within Evernote on the Galaxy Note, (this gets confusing :eek:) the PDF files that originated from S Note appear as attachments, but on my PC the S Note contents (the PDF) appears fully in the body of the note.

    Is there a way to:

    1) More seamlessly move S Note content into Evernote
    2) Have a PDF within Evernote, show up as content when viewing on my Galaxy Note

    Any other tips for working with these two applications on my Note?

    Thanks for advice!

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  3. wpoveromo

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    Just to clarify, this is on my Samsung Tablet Note 10.1

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