Evervolv Turba 3.2.0p3 - Increase Internal Memory through the use of EXT partition.

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  1. Knottyboy

    Knottyboy New Member


    I have 'Evervolv Turba 3.2.0p3' on my HTC desire and was wondering if there is a way to extend the internal memory onto a ext partition (as I have read this is possible with Cyanogenmod and app2sd / S2E).

    The reason I don't want to use Cyanogenmod is (on their site) the latest one for the Desire is 7 (2.3 Gingerbread).

    I have tried the tutorials intended for Cyanogenmod for installing app2sd and S2E. Whenever trying app2sd my phone always hangs afterwards. Installing S2E, installs fine but doesn't do anything. I didn't just try this to be stupid, I did read that it may work on a couple of forums, however it did not for me (done through installing a zip in recovery not through adb).

    The ext4 partition was made in GParted and shows up in titanium back up on my phone.

    You can probably see I'm not the most advanced user so if anyone has had joy with this and can post steps (or link to a tutorial) it would be appreciated. Doesn't have to be too in depth though.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Edit: Wow ignore that I managed to figure it out. I'm sure most will know how but thought I'd advise anyways:

    - Format your card into fat32 & ext4 (used Gparted myself)
    - Install a2sd using terminal on phone:
    - Type: su
    - Type a2sd install
    - Options: Y, N, Y
    - Phone reboots, on restarting it carries out some actions.
    - Went to terminal and then typed: su
    : a2sd xdata
    - Reboot - Done.

    Please note it does advise against doing this if you have a slower card.

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Knottyboy, and welcome to AF :)

    Simple2Ext is only for CyanogenMod, so you can forget that one.

    There are quite a number of apps2sd scripts out there, not just the one from the CM threads at XDA. But Evervolv Turba is Nikez ROM, right? That already includes an apps2sd script (/system/etc/init.d/10apps2sd), which I think should work automatically. I don't think it will use the same terminal commands as the DarkTremor script, which the CM one is based on, so don't worry if commands like "a2sd install" don't do anything because that's only some scripts do that.

    Does Titanium show the partition being used, or completely empty? These scripts move stuff to the ext partition, but the phone doesn't report having extra storage. So the phone will still say it has 147 MB internal space in total (stock hboot), only you'll be using a lot less of it than you would expect (because stuff is on sd-ext instead). So if the partition is being used that means the a2sd is working correctly.

    If you want to check in more detail, try a root enabled file explorer (ES File Explorer, Root Explorer) and just look what's on sd-ext. Or there's a little app called DiskUsage in the Play Store that can show you this (select the root only options, then show sd-ext).

    Edit: Ah, I see you worked it out in the meanwhile. Is that using the built-in script, or one you installed yourself? I ask because I didn't spot anything in the ROM's script that would parse those commands.
  3. Knottyboy

    Knottyboy New Member

    I did the above straight off a fresh install, so I would presume the built-in script (opposed to alternative custom one). Unfortunately I wouldn't know where to start with making a script.
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanks. So either I need to read it more carefully or it was something else that parses those commands :)

    Meanwhile, I've spotted that we're in the main Desire forum. I should really move this to the All Things Root one.
  5. Sanjay2002

    Sanjay2002 New Member

    I have rooted my HTC desire and installed cyanogenmod10. working fine.
    Please guide me on how to partition my SD card to increase internal memory.

    thanks in advance
  6. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    If you have 4ext recovery that will do the job for you. Don't use other recoveries as they tend to leave partitions misaligned.

    Otherwise there is a guide in the root guide section on how to partition with Gparted.

    Under no circumstances use minitool partition wizard.

    Remember to do a full nandroid then back up your sd card to pc before partitioning as it may corrupt the contents.

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