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Everything thing keeps stopping unexpectedlySupport

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  1. Caseyofthecros

    Caseyofthecros New Member

    Alright, so I Rotted my phone a while ago and got the Incredibly Re-engineered Rom and had everything set up perfectly but one day everything just started stooping unexpectedly and I tired wiping the cache and everything so I did a factory reset and then It wouldn't boot at all it got stuck on the boot animation, So then I flashed a new Rom and it worked perfectly (Synergy) and set up everything again but when I woke up this morning it had the same problem again. If needed I could provide a list of all my appellation. But if anyone has any ideas of what is causing it please help me?

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Just to check, you're not using a task killer?
  3. Caseyofthecros

    Caseyofthecros New Member

    I had adance task killer before but I decided to get rid of it but I found the problem I have close to 1000 face book friend and I had both "Facebook" and "Facebook for HTC" syncing all of the contacts and it kept over flowing the data/data folder so I simply disabled Contact sync for "Facebook" and cleared my Contact Storage data then let it sync and relinked everything nad now it works perfectly =D Thank you for the help anyone who had an Idea it took a long time to figure out what was doing it
  4. Ema Ellis

    Ema Ellis New Member

    Help why is my Facebook keep stoping

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