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EVO 3D Rumor MillGeneral

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  1. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the answer lies in the cost of making it flush and adding the kickstand.

  2. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    if it was a cost thing.. htc would not include both shells in the package!

    shell.. i would assume it is just the back cover replacement.
    but there were nokia is the past that could have shells replaced with all sorts of colors/themes. that was hugely popular with the ladies.
  3. falconey

    falconey Well-Known Member

    HTC wouldn't be including it, Sprint would. Unless I'm missing something. Plus I'm sure the 'shell' won't be flush or thicker than the original. Or I could be way off base and HTC really does believe that most customers don't want the stand.
  4. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    it has to be thinker.. to include the kickstand...
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the EVO 3D is going to be given out at this year's Google I/O, just like the original EVO was last year.

    Google I/O 2011

    It's a month away, but the package that everybody received at Google I/O was basically the production package on release date a month later.
  6. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    Just saw what it costs to go as Academia. Think I will be doing that next year!
  7. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

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  8. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

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  9. redninja

    redninja Well-Known Member

    yes theres 3rd party software for editing, man you guys have to get unamazed by 3d, its not new at all, its cool as hell, but not amazing. Would be nice to have out the box editing tools though.
  10. redninja

    redninja Well-Known Member

    Any word on netflix? That could make or break it for me in the end.
  11. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Well-Known Member

  12. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    So the 1700mah battery is physically larger than the 1700mah batteries currently out on the market for the original EVO? :confused:
  13. Auzo

    Auzo Active Member

    The original Evo 4G came with a 1500mah battery. Are you referring to the 3rd party 1700mah batteries out for the Evo 4G? if you are it has been shown that 3rd parties are full of sh*t when it comes to honestly rating their batteries. 3rd party batteries that are rated at 1800mah are shown to be no better than the OEM 1500mah battery.
    BatteryBoss Calls Out False Capacity Claims!

    Bottom line is that you can't make a higher capacity battery, of the same technology, without increasing the size of the battery. So yes the Evo 3D is larger because it has to be.
  14. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    There actually is one that I have been made aware of sold by Sprint (not sure if it's an HTC or a Seidio). I do know the Sedios are as good as what they are rated for though (based on users actually getting more life from them) and they are no bigger than the stock battery. I am sure the battery increase isn't about cramming more juice into the thing, but rather using the space within the battery itself more wisely.

    EDIT: I did have a look at that chart and it does have Seidio on there as one of the dishonest. Admittedly the battery in question isn't on the list though. I do believe it is a 1750mah battery I am referring to.
  15. Auzo

    Auzo Active Member

    I would agree that Seidio is a top tier 3rd party vendor but that doesn't make them immune to exaggeration. In the chart I linked there is a lightly used Seidio 1750mah battery listed and the actual capacity is even lower than an OEM battery at 1383mah. Its for a TP2 and not the EVO but they are very very similar.

    I have heard the anecdotal evidence as well but there is a reason that placebo pills work. People can easily be manipulated into believing a non-existent something is having an effect on them, either positive or negative. Its because of this I trust numbers more than people.

    I also understand your point about using your space more efficiently. Thats the whole reason apple doesn't have replaceable batteries (besides trying to rape you later on replacement costs). By removing the modular packaging you leave more volume for actual battery capacity. But I can tell you this, even if you completely removed the packaging of the EVO 4G's battery there is no way you could pick up an additional 250mah. Thats just not enough space.
  16. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I wasn't, by any means, trying to imply they are immune to exaggeration. I was simply stating that the 1750mah battery seems to give better life for most users, which I find peculiar if it is, in actuality, a lower mah rating. I'll go back and look at the chart as I honestly must have missed that battery. All that said, how many of any given battery did they test and where did they get them? Just curious.

    EDIT: I see the TP2 battery at 1750 mah, but not the EVO one. Are they the same? I don't know... Interestingly they have an EVO battery labeled as 1800mah on the list, however try as I might I cannot find that as a purchasable product online. I do see a 1750mah battery for the EVO by seidio however.

    Again, I base my statements purely on what I have read about extended batteries from the people that claim to have used them. As far as I can tell they took a single battery to run their tests. While the results are compelling, I would hardly call them scientifically conclusive.

    Not here to defend any one side, I simply find it peculiar that users are seeing increased battery life with these batteries when they should actually be seeing the same or less. I am not sure the placebo effect is in place here. I have literally seen people show their screens of their uptime increasing with these batteries. They aren't imagining it, it is simply happening (unless of course they are all going through the trouble of photoshopping their images, which I suppose is possible, but not probable).
  17. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    I'm just hoping the battery goes from 7am - 7pm without me babying it at the end of the day.

    Side note: Apparently Droid Life will delete your comments. I should point out, my remark on there was, "You're a spokesperson for this site and you are posting information that is just flat out wrong. I would think you would make sure you are correct before making something absolute." Tim-O-Tato appears to be the one deleting comments. Just an FYI for you DL followers. They just lost major points for that.
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  18. Jackietreehorn

    Jackietreehorn Well-Known Member

  19. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

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  20. ChromeEvo

    ChromeEvo New Member

    How will the hardware/software implementation be for the Camera?

    I'm more concerned about the Picture/Video quality rather than the 3D.

    Will both 5mp cameras cooperate to increase quality? 10mp?

    Better software/hardware implementation?
  21. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    This we won't know until someone gets a more hand-on look.
  22. If the phone doesn't have a sim card, it won't be capable of LTE. For LTE you need a sim card.
  23. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Err.. why do you keep posting this?
  24. I want an EVO that will be capable of LTE. 3D won't have LTE.
  25. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Well-Known Member

    You can't always get what you now can you?
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