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  1. Psheezyy

    Psheezyy Member

    When I plug my evo into my computer, Vista says "unknown device found". With that, I can't do anything. The main reason I want to connect it is for the app DoubleTwist. But without my computer recognizing it, I can't do anything. Oh. I'm new :p .. Help please?

    (Yes, I have it on disk drive/mount mode.)

    Here are some pics too... maybe it's my usb cord?

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  2. Heretic

    Heretic New Member

    "When I plug my evo into my computer, Vista says "unknown device found".

    I have had the same problem for a couple of months and now I find that my usb port is broken. I first started noticing the exact same thing as you about 2 months ago but didn't do anything about it except that a few weeks ago, I tried plugging my EVO into my daughters laptop to see if it made any difference. I got the same message on her pc too. Thought that was odd but figured that if I gave to Sprint to service, they would wipe its memory and I wasn't yet prepared for that.

    Yesterday I took it to Sprint and they took it apart and found the usb port broken - actually fell out when they pried it open.

    Even worse news: they won't cover mine because it is "Damaged Beyond Repair" - the tech said that if I had brought it in before the port was completely broken loose, he could have replaced it for free. So, you might want to get yours in right away before that happens.
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  3. Psheezyy

    Psheezyy Member

    Thanks, the only thing i could do is maybe buy a new usb cord. I can't really take it to Sprint, I bought it refurbished from ebay, without warranty. Go figure, haha.

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