Evo 4G to Boost Mobile Guide/Evo 3D

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  1. solbadguy89

    solbadguy89 Active Member

    all i gotta say is thank you optimus. youve been much help to this thread. and wont go unrewarded there bud. i have a revised guide i made for to flash the evo 3d to boost mobile for boost mobile even with shooters hboot 1.50 on it. been working on it a while. shoot me a pm if you have a evo 3d. claim your reward for paying it forward. you will be the first to get this.:D

  2. horty222

    horty222 Member

    It took me about a week to get it all roote and flashed but i got it done. Thank you so much for posting this info. My only question is can I upgrade the ROM without loosing the flash? I did the downgrade of the rom like in the guide said it would be easier and it definetly was. The main reason i want to upgrade to a different ROm is to improve my battery life as right now it only last like 3 hours and see it drain before my eyes. I even bought a new battery and calibrated it with no success.
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  3. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    I wish I had a 3d :D I actually almost bought one off ebay the price was right but they would not send pics
    You can change roms, radios and everything the nv items, that and the nam and phone numbers are all safe
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  4. solbadguy89

    solbadguy89 Active Member

    yea battery life sucks ass. just get the cheap china extended battery knock offs and it will boost your time bye 6 to 8 hours. as for roms and updates. i risked updating my prl and radios. every thing went fine. also always have a back up in clockwork. save your self a headache
  5. weirdfate

    weirdfate Well-Known Member

    ive seen mixed info on this but how can i use a samsung prevail as a donor phone?
  6. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    Just tried to get one working, problem is the only way to get the nv items does not give them in txt form and trying to put them on the evo without being in txt form is not working.

    I would say it will take more information.:(
  7. isaacv375

    isaacv375 New Member

    hello i am a noob here...using QXDM when i input this 0x00FCD950:this is what it shows 75 A8 F9 1E 00 00 A0 00 DD D5 AD 00 E1 D5 AD 00
    do i have to zero out all numbers starting from 75 all the way to the 00 or are any specific numbers that i have to zero out . thanks in advance. same question for esn ???

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  8. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    First you need to know your esn, and meid if you have not done so already use QXDM and put in the password it tells you, then type in requestnvitemsread meid, and requestnvitemsread esn
    once you have those numbers, write them down so you can refer back to them multiple times, you will then see which numbers you will 0 out.

    In your case listed I am guessing you will only do the 75 A8 F9 1E. that will probably be your esn. Well technically pesn you will see it listed as 1EF9A875 when you do your request esn.
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  9. webby36939

    webby36939 New Member

    hey guys first of i wanna thank all of you for the info cause there are people out there tryin 2 make a million of of this evo to boost guide. finally i met and found people that actually want to help other evo users. i currently have a nextel 8350i blackberry (iden) flashed or whaatever to boost and i love it it works great but now have a brand new evo with 2.3.5 0004 base kernel version 2.6.35 so i wanna get this on boost like my blackberry im pretty descent with computers and am willing to try what do you guys think any info would b great thanks guys
  10. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    First read, read and then read again because even after you read it you will still run into issues.
    Second you will be downgrading your baseband it has the info in the guide.
    You will need to switch your service to the cdma side, use the incognito for the best experience, as the guide points out.

    and good luck
  11. ezfilez

    ezfilez New Member

    Does anyone have the mem scan locations for EVO 3D
    Radio or do i need to downgrade ?
    Can i use a EVO radio on the evo 3D ?
    Thank you
  12. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    NOOOOOOO do not even think of such a thing. that is a great way to brick your phone if you try an evo radio on a evo 3d.

    unfortunately i do not know much about boost and such. but here is a guide over at xda that might help. here is the link:
    Htc flash to boost mobile guide [noob] - xda-developers. maybe you can post a question there as this is an evo forum. plus folks over in xda might be able to help better.
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  13. horty222

    horty222 Member

    So after a succesfull flash to boost on my Evo 4G. I decided to finally try and flash a new Rom. Did a nandroid and flashed using Rom Manager to Mikg 2.1/3.0 sense. Worked like a charm.. no problems at all, still on the Boost network and Mikg Rom rocks. Im sure I will have more fun after playing with the settings tweaks.... Thanks for all your help again Solbadguy89...
  14. solbadguy89

    solbadguy89 Active Member

    sorry bout the long wait for the evo 3d guide. was stuck in mountains for a month in a half. any how ask and you shall receive:D
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  15. Silv86

    Silv86 Member

    Thanks for all the info, great resource, I have been searching around for about a month now on and off, and just found this... Anyway, I am on the downsige of flashing the EVO 4g to boost using an incognito as my donor. I have written the nv, (NAM1/2) files to the EVO and am in the process zeroing out esn/meid #'s. I have zero'd 8 ESN and 9-10 MEID. after zeroing out all matching numbers from a list of know ESN/MEID locations for my radio(downgraded from to I rebooted my phone to see if anything had changed knowing that I still had some locations to find manually to zero out the rest, I noticed after typing ##786# that my ESN and both MEID #'s are different than they were originally prior to rebooting the phone. Also my phone number(that matched my donor & still does in CDMA), PRI version, HW version, SW version, is now scrambled with the odd characters similar to what you see in the right hand side of the memory viewer in QXDM. I made sure not to zero out anything that didn't match my ESN/MEID numbers, I am just hoping that once I zero out the remaining locations and finish the flash that all this will straighten out, is this a possibility?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for rambling just want to be somewhat specific.
  16. surfdude

    surfdude Member

    Anyone with a prevail want to lend a hand? I have voice and text working but I am having trouble with data. Have all ha and aaa's. Should be right but my 3g won't work. Not sure what I am missing. Appreciate any extra help. I can help people that want to get the incog working.
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  17. solbadguy89

    solbadguy89 Active Member

    Make the active user “0” and Write to phone the Evo will now reboot. When it comes back enjoy 3g.
  18. surfdude

    surfdude Member

    I wish. Nothing I do works. My prof1 on the prevail the hn and aaa spi are 1234. Not sure if that is what prof0 should be too. Other than that everything should be good. I must have missed something along the way.
  19. Silv86

    Silv86 Member

    Scanning memory worked like a charm... CDMA workshop when finished scanning gave me the address' not having to calculate them, I was able to copy and paste into QXDM and there they were. Although after zeroing them out I did have to restart the phone, and zero them again, a couple times until they were all zeros. Now it is flashed... Talk and text work, was getting error 16 msg, called sprint cs and they reset the settings now works again. Did have the 3g icon flashing after QPST reboot. Now I just get error 67. I did after flashing install the supersonic 4.22.651.2 deodexed ROM to get the wifi hack and vm setup. But since the ROM install I can't use service codes ##DATA#, or ##786#. When typed in it doesn't do anything. Wondering if I should re install the ROM.

    I did deactivate my donor phone and activate a prevail I have, and left it over night. this morning I reactivated donor incognito only to get the same message(error 67), I then had to program the phone through there tutorial, phone reboot and was back on track. now just make sure nothing had changed I checked all current info on donor(incognito) with the info I had during the flash to see if anything had changed during this process, the only thing I found was that the AAA password for profile 1 had changed. i went ahead and copied and re wrote all NV, NAM, and edited and wrote the two profiles in QXDM to the EVO to compensate for any changes. Reboot still no data.

    I did have the same messages come up on my prevail last night after deactivating my donor, but programming it using boost's previously activated tutorial the phone was getting data again. I tried to update profile, PRL with the EVO as I did with the prevail to no avail. Still not data. Wondering if I should just flash to stock rom and start all over.
  20. Silv86

    Silv86 Member

    Also I dont know if this is normal but when I write the the two profiles(0,1) to the phone in QPST I get the following errors:


    Does this have something to do with it having no data?
  21. surfdude

    surfdude Member

    Well I managed to fix mine. ##786# press menu press reset. I did hands free activation and update prl. Then I opened up qpst. Made sure my profile 0 was correct (I had to maek changes). Made active user 0 and write. I then had 3g. The error you see is normal. I saw some where how to issue ## commands from a terminal emulator but I can't find it aanymore.
  22. surfdude

    surfdude Member

  23. Silv86

    Silv86 Member

    I just checked my profiles and the active profile was 1, not 0... I just changed the active user to zero and wrote it to the phone, still no data. read the phone again 1 was still active. Only when I went back in to the profiles, re entered everything that was already correct, then set 0 to active wrote to phone, phone rebooted. 3G icon appeared and has been working ever since. :)

    Still don't have MMS though, I did change the MMS setting's prior to flashing the ROM so i am assuming they are correct, just want to make sure since its not working.

    I still am trying to figure out how to get the ##786#, and ##data# to work. They worked prior to flashing a new ROM.

    Is there a way to maybe boot in safe mode to change these settings? I am giving this phone to my father so I just want to get all the bugs out before I do so.
  24. kc3

    kc3 Well-Known Member

    Is there a new location to download the AUTOROOT W/ for the EVO 4G? Multiupload is down
  25. thatmann00b

    thatmann00b Member

    Okay so i've been trying for a week now to get my evo 3D on boost I have made it to where you zero out the meid and esn I open up EFS explorer and go to NVM/NUM there are a big red I on the files so I can't open them to change the ESN or MEID
    phone is an EVO 3D
    Android 2.3.4
    HTC Sense 3.0
    software number 2.17.651.5
    Baseband Version
    Build Number 2.17.651.5 CL245066 release-keys
    if someone could text me and help me out a bit I would love you forever XD

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