Evo 4g vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII?

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    I have been a sprint customer for over 10 years. Not because they have stellar service, more because I have a company discount from an old job that Sprint never took away even though I don't have that job anymore. Anyway, my girlfriend has been asking me to get on a family plan through US cellular. I have always been reluctant because they have never carried a decent phone. They seem to get the crappyish less popular ones.

    This morning I saw they are carrying the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Is this phone comparable to my EVO? My contract is up and I don't know what i'm going to do yet. EVO 4G LTE, Iphone, Galaxy SIII are all options. What do you guys think?

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    Moved this to a neutral forum so you are able to get more balanced answers.

    S III offers:

    Better battery life
    Faster processor
    LTE vs, dying/obsolete Wimax
    Better camera

    The EVO 4G is obsolete and no longer being carried from sprint.

    Many people will give you lots of personal reasons why they pick one model over the other. its up to YOU my friend to go into a mobile store and check out each handset and test how each one works for you.

    In your area, for example, you may have spotty coverage on a carrier, which may prevent you from getting X handset. So its important for you to test drive these for your self.

    Why get an Iphone now when there is another one rumored to come out shortly? may even be better than the current iphone.

    Lots of decisions my friend.. Why not list what are important things to have on a mobile phone. this may help narrow the playing field a bit and could posibly let others chime in with beneficial info.
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