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  1. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ok, I am a newbie here, and it should be considered that I know absolutely NOTHING these phones because, honestly, I don't! I will try to be as complete and concise in my details of what is happening with the phone! Also, I have searched several threads in this forum, and some were "close", but not exactly what I was experiencing, so forgive me if this is in another post somewhere....I didn't find an answer that I could understand! Thanks for being patient!

    Ok, so I bought this phone from Craigslist, and the guy said he broke the screen, and "when he replaced the screen, it wouldn't turn on"! I picked up the phone and two batteries for $30.00! Figured it was worth trying to fix for that price! I noticed immediately that his "new" lcd screen was cracked, as it was a very light golden color, and I actually found a crack in it! I purchased a new lcd screen, digitizer and plastic bezel, so all I had to do was screw the back (motherboard) to the new setup, and turn it on!

    Upon turning the phone on, it immediately went to the HTC EVO 4G "white" screen for about 10 seconds, then goes black (shuts down)! I then have to remove the battery to get it to boot the same again. I thought perhaps battery was not strong enough, so I charged overnight.....same issue with fully charged battery! Next, I searched this forum and found how to boot into recovery mode, which I was able to get it to do! I will post the following information exactly from that page to hopefully give you more info:

    Supersonic EVT3 SHIP S-ON
    HBOOT - 2.16.001
    MICROP - 041F
    RADIO -
    Mar. 8 2011 17:02:15

    As far as I know, the phone is not rooted (S-ON......read that on this forum!), and he told me that it has a clean ESN, which I have checked and confirmed that it IS a clean ESN!

    Like I said before, I don't know much about these phones, and was just buying it to perhaps try my hand at fixing something like this without a major loss of money in the process! With the purchase of the new LCD, etc. I have about $70 in the phone! Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to getting this thing to boot up? Again, I am new, so please assume that I know NOTHING! Thanks for your patience and consideration of this issue! I'm sorry for the long post, and if I missed any important information, please let me know!

    I look forward to reading your suggestions! Thanks again, and have a great day! :)

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    ok you are correct in that the phone is not rooted as you have s-on. and what you accessed was not the recovery that was the bootloader. if you were to select bootloader from the menu and then recovery you should get a red triangle and that means that it has a stock recovery and you do not have access to it.

    so in bootloader select clear storage and it should boot automatically. hope that helps. if that does not work then there is not much else that i know of that you can do on an unrooted phone.
  3. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    First of all, thanks for your reply! It is really appreciated!

    Ok, so you say I was in the bootloader? I had trouble getting it to go back into that page, but finally got it. Instead of doing the clear storage, I scrolled down to recovery to see if I could get a red triangle! I clicked on recovery, it immediately went to the white HTC screen again, and then shut down again after about 10 seconds. I have been trying to get back into the bootloader, but haven't had any luck yet! As soon as I can get back in, I'll try the clear storage route and see what happens!

    If that doesn't work, you suggest scrapping the phone on Ebay for parts, since it isn't rooted?
  4. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ok, I just got back into the bootloader, did the clear storage....it asked me if I wanted to clear everything.....volumed up for yes......phone said "rebooting in 5 seconds", then went black again! UGH!
  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    yeah it really does not sound like it is in a fixable state at this point especially if the clear storage does not work or you could not get to it.

    i see ebay or craigslist in your future.
  6. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ok, grasping for straws here but, is there any way to put the SD card from this phone into another phone, download the rooting information to it, then reinstall in this phone, and try to reboot that way?

    Like I said, I really don't know about these things, but have been reading so many online forums that it seems ANYTHING is possible these days! LOL!
  7. nolimit06

    nolimit06 Well-Known Member Developer

    Everything you need to root your phone can be found in this thread http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all...ooting-dummies-guide-gingerbread-edition.html most of the rooting is done from the bootloader screen so it's worth a shot.
  8. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    nope that is not possible. when you root it is phone specific and there is no way to transfer such information on an sd card. rooting is simple but the process is quite complicated on the phone level.

    one thing you can try is a ruu (rom upgrade utility). this is how phones are updated. here is the link:PC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.54.651.1_Radio_2.15.00.0808_NV_2.15_release_220182_signed.zip.
    1.download the file and rename it by deleting everything in the title except for PC36IMG.
    2.move the file on to the card. do not put it in any folder. it needs to be just on the card.
    3.power off the phone then press and hold power+vol down
    4.hboot should scan and find the file and then ask you to update.
    5.select yes then try to reboot and cross your fingers.

    hope this works.
  9. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ok, gonna try that and hope for the best! Question.....when I get into the bootloader, will it automatically scan for it, or do I have to scroll down to hboot and press the power button to select it, and then it will scan?
  10. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ok....I did the update as you stated! It loaded the update, and I received this screen:

    Parsing.......[SD ZIP]
    (1) RADIO_V2 - FAIL-PU

    which, I believe if I read correctly on the phone, was a Partition Update?

    Everything past that updated correctly, but it ultimately said "Update Failed - Partition Update Failed"!

    Man, I feel like we're so close right now, and yet so far! Any other suggestions you might have in your vast knowledge of all things Android?
  11. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    ok lets try this one:PC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.24.651.1_Radio_2. this is a ruu that is exactly what you radios are so hopefully this will work.
  12. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    Ever since I tried the first update, I have been unable to get the phone to respond at all! Therefore, I have been unable to check the second update with the proper RUU! It is like the batteries are dead, or something, but I know they are charged! I'll keep trying, but losing hope fast!
  13. Copasta

    Copasta Member

    It's dead.....won't do a thing now! Oh well.....at least I tried! Thanks for your input, we almost had it!
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  14. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    ah man that sucks:( sorry to hear that:(

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