EVO availability for sprint employees and advantage club

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  1. VaDivot

    VaDivot Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any information on when the EVO will finally be available to employees and members of the advantage club? When it first came out it was believed that it would take roughly 1 month for Sprint to make this available to everyone, but here we are a month later and Ive heard nothing. Any ideas?

  2. bciernia

    bciernia Member

    Not sure about the Advantage club, but when I bought my EVO yesterday the guy told me that employees cannot buy the EVO for 60 days from when it came out.
  3. Bsteiner36

    Bsteiner36 Member

    I have been trying to figure this out for a while now. My girlfriends father is a store manager at Sprint and he is looking forward to getting the phone as much as i am. He said it should be out late July for Advantage Club memebers. Which seems about right considering it is still out of stock online.

    Keep waiting. I will let you know if i get any updates.
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  4. Msnay8907

    Msnay8907 Member

    Originally we were not supposed to have it for 30 days past the release date (which would be July 4). I was eligible for an upgrade and watched Sprints website until they were back in stock, ordered mines on June 29, received it on July 1 and got it activated after talking to 4 different reps. I think they pushed it back though because the phones are still in pretty low stock
  5. Bsteiner36

    Bsteiner36 Member

  6. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    This is good news...

    I hear that there is a changeto SWACs for selectphones. Something about an extra $10 for Sprint Nav and free mobile to mobile.

    In any case... I am truly impatient. I hope they release it soon. It is "late" July... :)
  7. shrtbus

    shrtbus New Member

    Originally, it was supposed to be available to employees at the end of July. Due to the fact that they are out of stock and talks of a new screen manufacturer possibly being used, it could be a late as September before employees and advantage club are able to get them.
  8. I have the date! NEVER EVER! :p
  9. DUBious

    DUBious Well-Known Member

    Hope its soon! I opened a consumer line just for this phone. Enjoying every moment with it, But you can't beat employee rates.
  10. psyllee

    psyllee New Member

    The latest information I received, from a Sprint employee, is they are expecting an announcement in August. There was no specific date or even approximate day given in when this would take place. I'm beginning to worry the time for our eligibility will surpass the launch of Evo 2.
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  11. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    So... I guess buying it outright and putting it on SWAC is frowned upon still? C'mon...
  12. Bsteiner36

    Bsteiner36 Member

    This is from a Sprint Store Manager that I have my advantage club account through.

    "I am hearing late August for Advantage accounts The screen shortage is the same I am hearing"

    So looks like late august for the Evo. Which is fine because i don't think i can update until then anyway. However, i sort of feel like Sprint will continue to push the date back, and back, and back and just let us sweat until they finally get enough supply.:mad:
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  13. VaDivot

    VaDivot Well-Known Member

    well that sucks for those of us that have been waiting since day 1. Im starting to wonder if the EPIC 4G will be available before the Evo.
  14. 8100LT

    8100LT Member

    We are an "indirect dealer", not Sprint owned, but we are offered special rate plans and hardware discounts. We have had customer waiting since June and have not received even one EVO to sell. Here are parts of two Sprint emails from earlier this week:
    HTC EVO Inventory Update
    As you are seeing in you stores, demand for the HTC EVO 4G continues to be at unprecedented levels and does not show signs of subsiding. Unfortunately our receipts are not keeping pace with demand. The issue is unrelated to any Sprint actions; HTC cannot produce enough to meet the high demand and this is compounded by a global parts shortage. We expect the remainder of July to be challenging for all channels given the inventory constraints.
    At this time we will be unable to open any other channels for distribution than those currently. However, it is our goal to open the remaining channels once inventory position will allow. We are monitoring the health of our inventory and supply chain on a daily basis and will communicate target dates for opening as they become known.

    We appreciate how enthusiastic you and your customers are to get the device and how excited you are to offer it to them. Please thank customers for their patience and interest in the EVO, were doing everything we can to get them to customers as quickly as possible.

    Updated EVO "Sold Out Online" Message for Sprint.com
    Effective today, Sprint.com will change the EVO out of stock message to:
    "This device is currently sold out online. Some Sprint Stores do have it and
    we're regularly receiving more. Find a Sprint Store near you."
    There will also be a small banner that reads: "Sold out online.
    Check your Sprint Store for availability." The intent is to drive
    web customers to stores to purchase the EVO.
    We were trained this week on the Samsung Epic 4G and told to
    push it. Sprint and HTC missed a big opportunity to add
    subscribers and sell hardware.
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  15. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member


    From a selfish point of view, I am quite disappointed, but from a business standpoint, a shortage like this hurts. They lost some major ground in the smartphone wars.
  16. Matthew Nelson

    Matthew Nelson Active Member

    My wife works for Sprint; we're both planning to purchase the EVO when it's available to employees and Advantage Club members.

    On July 16, Sprint distributed the following message via e-mail to all of its employees:

    HTC EVO 4G employee availability update


    First, the good news: HTC EVO 4G has set new sales records for Sprint (surpassing numbers reached previously by Instinct and Pre) and the accolades, awards and praise continue to roll in for America
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  17. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    Haven't you heard? They pulled EVOs from the shelves and stopped production. The EVO is dead.
  18. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

  19. Bsteiner36

    Bsteiner36 Member

    Looks like Samsung Epic 4g is next on my list. Forget Evo it will never happen.
  20. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    I think I'll wait out the EVO... I am fairly impatient, but I prefer the EVO anyway.
  21. VaDivot

    VaDivot Well-Known Member

    So apparently there are rumors in the Froyo update thread that Sprint has been deliberately holding back EVO's until they could upload Froyo onto them. If the Froyo update goes smoothly, any chance that means those of us who have been waiting for two months (advantage club and employees) may actually have the chance to buy one sooner than later?

    Or am I just grasping desperately at any news that will make me think Ill get an EVO before September?
  22. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member


    I hear ya... I am grasping at straws myself.
  23. brownhornet

    brownhornet Well-Known Member

    They will keep pushing it back as long as its selling as well as it is and the stock is low. I'm on an advantage plan myself and they send me emails with updates about the evo. Originally, the date was the second week in July. Then pushed to the end of July, now mid to late August. I figured it was going to be like this though which is why I paid cash for mine and pre-ordered day one. Had mine from the first day and all I had to do was call the advantage club, give them the esn and they activated it right then and there over the phone. Notified me about the $10 charge and within about 10 minutes I had a fully functional evo.

    Good thing is, I still have my upgrade so whenever something comes out that I want I can get it for the new customer price.
  24. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    This is what I figure I have to do.

    I strongly considered buying one outright, but I hate being an early adopter, so I held out. I figured that a few weeks wasn't that long to wait. Of course, that estimate was a bit off.

    Now I can't find one to buy outright...
  25. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Hear the new batch is about out, and there should be no more issues with screen separation.

    Target date for employees is still August.

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