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  1. Saved4Life

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    So i recently got the Evo and loved it. i bought a 32GB card on ebay. And inserted it. It worked perfectly. my phone read it fine as well as my computer it was perfect. SO i started downloading apps and came across double twist and i've heard great things about it. So i used it it found all my files and then i synced my ... 4GB library. Everything checked out fine. I clicked on my EVo to go back to Charge Only Mode. then unplugged it. I went to my music and about... 1/5 of my lbrary was copied over. All artists up to C. I plugged it back in to see the files and the Folders for each artist are still all ther, but the folder contents are empty. So i tried reinserting my memory card, i've tried copying everything over manually by drag and dropping files from My Computer. I've tried doing both syncing and dragging with single files at a time. To no Avail.


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