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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kat3k, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Sep 12, 2010
    This is a combination of a really good idea that someone else posted and a Garmin mount that I already had. I like it for its extremely low profile (except for the Garmin) and the ability to move it from car to car. And even though the car mount required a very small footprint for attachment to the car, there was absolutely no place I was willing or able to stick it. Hence the Garmin.

    I could post pictures, but these are the links to the products, all available on Amazon. First is a pretty cheap rubberized but firm (not flimsy like silicone) shell case, since I did not want to stick the mounting button on the back of my actual phone. It turns out I really like the case, and it is so thin I forget it is on and leave it on. It has a good feel with a "grip". Gizmo Dorks Rubberized Case Cover (Black) for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Cell Phones & Accessories: Reviews, Prices & more

    Next is the mount system itself, very sleek and well made (in Germany). Because the case I used was a little rubbery, the self stick attachment button did not adhere well, so I super-glued it (to the above case, not the phone), which worked great. SoundGate M2 German engineered to safely secure your iPod, iPhone, Nano, Touch, Classic, Garmin, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Zune, MP3, or other portable device to your dash, or console: Electronics: Reviews, Prices & more

    If you have a place to mount that on your car, great, but since I did not, I used this, and can move it from car to car, and it also brings it up to a good level for me. Garmin Friction Mount: Electronics I attached the mount to the flat part just below the Garmin ball. There was plenty of room and the ball did not obstruct in any way.

    I am so happy with the way it worked out, I wanted to share it here. And thanks to the guy who posted a variation of this that got me started.


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