EVO or not????

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  1. toad6386

    toad6386 Well-Known Member

    Currently I have Sprint Palm Pre, and I really like it , but I guess I keep looking for greener grass because I'm really liking what I've heard about the EVO - especially the MiFi (#1 magnet thus far) It appears I'll lose my EAS (Exchange Active Sync) because my company doesn't support 'Droid based phones due to security requriements (work email on phone is not required, but has been enjoyed). I can live with that (reasonable trade for MiFi). But the one possible deal breaker is the calendar. It doesn't have to accordion like WebOS, but it's functionality (layered, etc) has to be close.

    So should I, or shouldn't I ditch my pre for an EVO? Any comments, advice, recommended apps, other points of comparison or contrast etc, all appreciated.The more descriptive, the better. And I understand no one knows exactly what it would be like, but for those familiar with android and 2.1... Screenshots would be great! Thnx!

  2. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    im ditching my pre for the evo. i cant stand the pre much longer. i think you will be happy with the evo
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    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    if you get the evo you will never look back
  4. secretmethod70

    secretmethod70 Well-Known Member

    We're all excited about the Evo here, but no one has addressed the OPs actual concern yet: the calendar.

    I don't have an Android phone yet so I can't help, but I'm also curious to hear about how the default calendar app works and what, if any, alternatives may be better.
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  5. Eguy

    Eguy Well-Known Member

    The webOS calendar, while slower and with the problems it has, is better than the Android calendar. But you won't have trouble adjusting. It is still very good.
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  6. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    the syncing with google calendar is awesome. I'd never bother putting events in on my phone if i had to, i use my PC and it'll drop right in. There are plenty of good calendar apps like Pure Calendar that have really attractive displays. I guess if inputting on your phone is a big thing to you, the stock calendar app could use some help.
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