EVO pictures look double exposedSupport

Have you had any of these camera problems?

  1. Double Exposure

  2. Fuzzy lines through camera when trying to take pic

  3. Camera shuts off when trying to take picture


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  1. braedysmom

    braedysmom New Member

    I have an HTC EVO 4G and this is the second time this has happened. I took pics of my daughter for homecoming tonight and after she left the last 6 pictures are normal on the bottom and the top half is double exposed and looks like she and her date have two or three heads. The thumbnails look normal but the larger picture has the double exposure. I tried emailing and texting myself the thumbnails that look normal but when they come through they are double exposed. I don't know what to do and the pics seem forever ruined.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    sorry but there is not an option for no issues, but my camera works just fine. that looks bad though. have you taken it in to sprint and see what they say?
  3. evohammer

    evohammer Member

    Mine has done exactly the same thing occasionally. It seems to be in low light situations or high ISO.
  4. dolfin09

    dolfin09 New Member

    My phone does the samething, no worning. Did it for my birthday pictures and also pix i just took of my daughters decorating out tree. They are very bad... Was going to bring my phone to Best Buy and have them look at it. I have insurance there and Sprint
  5. agolden711

    agolden711 New Member

    My camera began doing the same thing New Year's Eve, after I've owned this phone and taken hundreds of photos for over one year. It happens inconsistently, but seems to be happening more frequently. I would love to know if anyone has determined the cause and whether it can be fixed at all, or whether it requires sending it back to Sprint.

  6. thevdoguy

    thevdoguy New Member

    My EVO has been doing the same. I've noticed it more when using the zoom. I have found what is causing it. The "Auto enhance" feature. If you disable this feature, the double exposure issue goes away. Go to camera "settings" and scroll up to auto enhance and turn off.
  7. LarryNewman

    LarryNewman New Member

    I see a number of people posting about this problem but no explaination or solutions posted.

    I just had the same expereince, not the first time, with a once in a lifetime group picture that now sits unusable in my phone and in my email.

    Please post a reply if you have fixed this problem or know what causes this to happen.

  8. rpkitche

    rpkitche New Member

    I found a solution that worked for me.

    Note: This will only work on the photos that look good as a thumbnail.

    1. Download and run Irfranview
    2. Click File -> Thumbnails
    3. Browse to where the problem photos are located
    4. Click Options -> Set Thumbnail options
    5. Change Thumbnail size: to 800x800
    6. Take a screen shot by hitting the print screen button on the keyboard
    7. Paste into Paint
    8. Crop area to photo, and save


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