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Evo Rebooting on its ownSupport

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  1. The Advent 19

    The Advent 19 Member

    Loving the phone so far but starting about a day ago it has been rebooting on its own randomly while im not even using it. Once rebooted 6x in 1 1/2 hrs. Am I the only person that this has been happening to? Could it have been an app i installed? Let me know if any of you had problems with these apps in the past.

    Besides stock apps here is my list:

    Where My droid
    Yahoo Droid (which sucks by the way)
    Tss service extender
    TexasHoldem (installed after it started rebooting)
    Super K.O. Boxing 2 free
    Sms backup and restore
    Speed Test
    robo Defense free
    replica island
    Play! Curling
    Google Translator
    Google sky map
    Gameboid lite
    fishin 2 go (lite

  2. shadrap

    shadrap Well-Known Member

    You are right. I have found it occurs when too many background apps are running.
  3. The Advent 19

    The Advent 19 Member

    It happens to me when I haven't even used anything on the phone. It'll reboot and I'll leave it on my desk and it'll reboot again out of nowhere.
  4. teky

    teky Well-Known Member

    I don't have most of the apps you list...but it could be a bad app sucking off all of the memory.
  5. burk504

    burk504 New Member

  6. gogogadgetstat

    gogogadgetstat New Member

    Do you have the always-on data box unchecked in the settings?

    I did that to my and my wife's evo to try and improve battery life, and noticed that both of our phones started rebooting every 45 minutes or so.

    Once I re-checked it, things returned to normal. I'm sure it has to do with some app that was running in the background, but I was unable to isolate the problem.

    Hope this helps. :)
  7. burk504

    burk504 New Member

    I do have that unchecked. Just checked it again and we'll see if that helps.

    Problem with that fix is that I think this feature is what eats up a lot of battery. :-(
  8. dusty32185

    dusty32185 New Member

    The same thing has been happening with my evo. I also had the data box unchecked; I'll see if that fixes the (albeit battery-eating) problem.

    Mine has been restarting at random for the last few days, and sometimes up to 3 times in a row. Bummer.
  9. gogogadgetstat

    gogogadgetstat New Member

    Yeah, I hear you. I was hoping that would help with the battery life as well, but couldn't deal with the restarts it was causing. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that was the cause (for us at least).

    We'd had our Evo's for about a week (went to Google I/O) with no issues whatsoever. I unchecked that box after reading a post about it, and within a few hours the reboots started. I re-checked it and things were back to normal.

    Let me know how your experience turns out, I'm curious to see if this is indeed an issue for some people. If so, maybe we can compare apps to see what's causing it. :)
  10. royal42crown

    royal42crown Well-Known Member

    Have you tried pulling the battery forafew minutes then restartin. This made a difference on one off our phones due to the system update sprint had for the sd card
  11. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member

    My phone has been rebooted twice in the last day. Once it occured while talking on the phone. What's interesting is the amount of available memory. Just a little while ago under "running services" it showed 21-23MB + 0.00B, then later the phone lagged and it showed Avail: 20MB + 0.00B in 34. My internal storage is 245MB, is this normal? What do you show for Avail memory under running services?
  12. Finless

    Finless Member

    My phone has been rebooting every 1/2 hour for two days now. Don't have a ton of apps installed and hadn't installed anything new when this began a couple days ago. I read the fix about the numeric password but I do not have a password set. I also have no idea where the "Always On Data Box" is in the settings. Would prefer not to have to perform a hard reset here.

    Last night I lost 5 phone calls because my phone rebooted.
  13. adboll

    adboll Member

    Well, gang, it appears this thread is spot on, because mine started doing it about a day ago, and behold that is when I decided to experiment with shutting off that same check box. Usually, when things like this happen, it is related to the last action by the user. Problem is today I added a couple more apps and was in fear one was the cause. In hind sight, after re-installing the battery as a guess, I am going to re-check that box if it re-boots one more time, because I am pretty certain that will fix it. The crappy thing is, that seems to save battery quite a bit :(. Thanks all!

    I will edit this later if that check box fixes it...stay tuned

    edited: Yes, this seemed to fix mine, going on 12 hours and no reboots.
  14. chcougar1

    chcougar1 Well-Known Member

    Mine reset itself a lot this weekend, but I dont think it did today. I am not sure if I changed the check box settings on my phone or not.

    I will definitely continue to monitor this as well though!
  15. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    I am having this issue as well and haven't quite tracked it down. The phone will randomly reboot while sitting, and often when it comes back up, the live wallpaper is frozen, the phone is super slow, freezes and reboots again. Then it'll be okay for a while before another random reboot.

    I had thought that doing unrevoked root + wifi tethering (Which btw worked like a charm) caused it, since right after I did that, the problems started. however, I reversed unrevoked and the problem persisted. tried a few other things and still no dice.

    does anyone know if the simple uninstall method truly removes all traces of unrevoked, or do I need to flash a new rom?

    just re-activated always-on data, which I turned off a a while ago and had been working fine up until yesterday when the reboots started. will see how that works out.
  16. eleventhletter

    eleventhletter New Member

    I having this restart problem also, so far it is happening when I'm in the middle of the call, it will restart and several times when I call back and finish the call after I hang up it will restart. I haven't noticed or heard if it is restarting randomly in the middle of the night.

    I seem to be having a brain fart and can't find where the alway on data is, could someone help I would really appreciate it. I looked around in settings and didn't find anything. I do have the 4G disabled as here in the FL panhandle we have none :( just 3G

  17. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

  18. larsegar

    larsegar New Member

    I am having the same problem. The applications I have installed that overlap with the above are

    PdaNet (I also have EasyTether)
    Sketch online
    Facebook for Android
    Google Goggles
    Google Maps
  19. elshagon

    elshagon New Member

    the one's which overlap for me are:

    Google Maps
    Google Goggles
    Led Light

    edit: not rooted plus think it may be the "always on network" I had this unchecked and it rebooted every day at least twice which I noticed, having it checked no reboots noticed.
  20. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Maybe we should also note whether we are rooted or not (or were) and other possibly pertinent information.

    My phone was rooted with unrevoked, then um ... "revoked" via simple uninstall of unrevoked and superuser permissions.

    I use live wallpaper. I actually have not had a reboot since I turned "always on network" back on. I just turned it off again a few minutes ago to see if anything happens.
  21. frankencar

    frankencar New Member

    Mine has also been booting itself. Strangely enough, it did seem to happen when I toggled off the Background Data setting (saved TONS of battery life...batt was lasting for TWO DAYS if I turned off 3g when not in use at work!) But I decided to turn it back on...and it's done it three times that I saw since then.

    Accounting for the overlapping apps of the two above posters, the only apps I have installed that overlap with all three listers are

    google maps
    google goggles

    I've also been having a lot of seemingly foolish freeze-ups lately...like typing in Gmail, sharing from the gallery to evernote, etc...
  22. spar10

    spar10 Well-Known Member

    i think there are more and more of these spontaneous reboots happening now. my over lap is the same, google maps and goggles. i know two other people that are having reboot issues but not sure what software they're running.

    how do we know this isn't a hardware or o.s. issue?
  23. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Well after trying to turn off always-on network, sure enough within an hour it rebooted. Turned it back on and so far no problems. grr ...
  24. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I also have the box unchecked and was not having issues before I unchecked the box... I have not installed/setup anything with exchange, not even sure where or how to (I would assume just going to mail and adding an account, selecting exchange, but dunno, haven't tried, don't plan on it).

    One thing I have noted, no matter how many times the device reboots itself, it does NOT reset the uptime listed in the Menu --> Settings --> About Phone --> Battery
    My Evo has restarted this way 4 times today, and I am showing 55:03:47 uptime
  25. jhuff83

    jhuff83 Well-Known Member

    Mine rebooted at 5am today while on the charger. Glad I'm not the only one having problems.

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