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Evo Rebooting on its ownSupport

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  1. rowdymoose

    rowdymoose Member

    I did read through that post (well most of it). However, my phone is already cured of the rebooting issues it had by doing the GPS reset I mentioned above. I was just trying to illustrate that most folks problems were around before 2.2 was rolled out.

    Since there could be endless reasons behind why folks phones are rebooting, I'll agree that there could be some solutions in that post that could help someone out.

  2. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I haven't had a reboot in a long time now, more than a month I think, but I started getting them tonight since I started playing Baseball Superstars, the free version. I installed it maybe 4 days ago, and just got around to playing it tonight. IF my display turns off, intentionally or not, when I turn it back on the game will lock the phone up after about 3 seconds. No password on the phone, just slide to unlock. nothing works, except hitting the screen off (not holding it, just tapped it) and the screen turns off, then the 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen light up (still no backlighting on the actual display) and then about 4 seconds later I see the white screen with the HTC logo. according to the system, it has restarted the uptime counter, so it is a real reboot, not like the GPS issues I had back in June, those reboot the phone, but never reset the uptime counters...

    This has happened 3 times tonight and all under identical circumstances, sorry, but I like to turn the display off when I put the phone in my pocket, say like when going to another floor in the house, or sometimes even another room, this should not cause the phone to reboot.
  3. brikacid

    brikacid New Member

    From mjohnson468 @ sprint forums:

    "Step1, Call sprint and get your msl code(unlock code)
    Step 2, launch phone dialer and press "##GPSCLRX#"
    Step 3, input code sprint hopefuly gave you (phone will reboot in 20 seconds)"

    is this working for anyone else? Worked for me for a while then issue resumed.
  4. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    that is not a fix. i'm on my third phone only had it 2 days but have not had that problem yet. knock on wood
  5. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    I an PISSED OFF this is my 3rd EVO with the same problem. Had this one 6 days and it still does it. Now Sprint has sent me to HTC. HTC wants me to send the phone to them I pay shipping and if they dont find a problem I still have to pay the 39 dollars triage fee GRRRRRRR Every one this thread needs to call Sprint and HTC and make this a known issue So they can fix the problem not keep sending me new phones
  6. AHWagner

    AHWagner Well-Known Member

    Maybe its a bad SD card or you have a bad app installed, ever think of that?
  7. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    it has done it with just the factory apps installed
  8. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    Factory Reset or the ##GPSCLRX# thing will not fix the rebooting issues. I am on my 3rd EVO. I got this one on the 17th of the month and on the 23rd it did it twice. I did a factory reset on the 23rd and while on the phone 10 minutes later with HTC it did it again. I have contacted HTC again today after it did it again. They finally realize its a problem, They told me they are working on a fix but to escalate it to the top engineers they need more complaints about the problem. The tech guy told me everyone with the problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 and open a ticket. The more that complain the faster it gets fixed. They told me I should hear back from them in 10 days and get an update if they have a fix or not. So call HTC people lets get our EVO's fixed
  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I've since learned that the factory reset may not be wiping all data as we previously thought - it does for most users - but for some reason, not all.

    If any of you are willing, try clearing your data from the bootloader menu - instructions have been added here -


    Previously, those instructions cleared up random rebooting for a great many people.

    Hopefully, with a more powerful data clearing mechanism, it may work for you guys as well.
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  10. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I don't know why I never looked at that thread before, EarlyMon, but that is awesome. Thanks for putting together that write-up. Even though I haven't experienced any random soft resets since before the Froyo update, I'm definitely going to try this just to see if the phone runs even better than I feel it's already running.

    If I feel like the phone is running pretty well already, do you think that it's worth going through the trouble of having to set everything up again after the hard reset?
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  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Thanks, it was a pleasure and an honor to represent so many people working together to make that write-up possible. I'm constantly on the scour and open to suggestions and it keeps evolving - two new tips in just the past two days, courtesy of the blood, sweat and tears of others.

    Newcomers don't know how to search effectively and sometimes us regulars get worn out posting what's old news to us - but this way, we have a one-stop thread that covers a lot of ground, not just simple resetting. (I've taken some good, clean-fun pokes because I've recommended it for curing everything - because - it nearly often does.)

    Please pass the word along and keep me up to date on anything that belongs there - that one is our thread and I'm just the game show host. :)

    That all said - yes - if you do a reset, you're going to have all that good stuff scrubbed so you WILL have to restore your configuration.

    If you're perfectly happy with your phone, don't fix it if it ain't broken.

    But if there's the slightest doubt - there's your fix for most everything, along with the explanation of why.

    For myself, I'm constantly fiddling around with apps and configurations so I follow that procedure myself now at the drop of a hat.

    In any case, spread the word to go there for everyone if only for the backup advice - we all know the denial of not backing up a phone because this one won't get dropped, soaked, lost, stolen or totally fragged from a bad app install like those other phones we've all owned in the past. Oh, no not this one, can't happen. ;)

    I always recommend bookmarking it - it's heavily read today, but nothing lasts forever, not even stickies.
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  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Added to my signature, just to help spread the word on that thread. I really do think it'll save some people from jumping the EVO ship (if they were considering it).
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  13. GripnRip

    GripnRip Well-Known Member

    Is there actually any specific answer to why this is happening? My phone started doing it last week. I've got a stock launch phone. I never had this problem until last week. I installed 2.2 on the 10th so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with Froyo. It just randomly started restarting. I went ahead last weekend and did a factory restore and it had been fine until around 20-30 minutes ago where just sitting on my desk at work it restarted. It hadn't been used in a few hours. Any help would be great. I'll try contacting HTC also.
  14. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    ONE MORE TIME sorry about the caps but this is what needs to be done GPSCLR or factory reset does not fix it Its much deeper than that

    HTC finally realizes its a problem, They told me they are working on a fix but to escalate it to the top engineers they need more complaints about the problem. The tech guy told me everyone with the problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 and open a ticket. The more that complain the faster it gets fixed. They told me I should hear back from them in 10 days and get an update if they have a fix or not. So call HTC people lets get our EVO's fixed
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  15. ordcavms

    ordcavms Member

    I went from having a perfect phone to these reboot issues. Just started a few weeks ago when I travelled for work in Columbus OH and had navigation and was on the phone at the same time, when all of a sudden it rebooted, then went into a loop then finally stopped. I figured the 2.2 update has something to do with it, because Ihad not had any issues with 2.1. I first thought it was Google Maps and the GPS, then it happened with the Sprint Navigation and GPS. I of course went online and have seen others have issues, so I hard reseted the phone and thought this should do the trick. It seemed at that point that it only happened when I would ask Google Maps to Navigate with the GPS on, but it was sporadic as to the reboot.

    Now, this week I have now hard reset this more than I can think of, not installing anything, but the factory programs, no email installed, nothing, I've even removed the memory card, changed settings like everyone else has said... and it still reboots on its own and now even without the GPS being on. Today, it froze on it's own a few times without GPS being on and I had to pull the battery. I love this phone, but it has become a headache for me... and I'm getting sick of the awesome navigation (seriously love it) rebooting on me in the middle of my trek to only get lost and wonder if I can navigate without it rebooting, lol...

    Anyway... I'm at wits end, I by no means am technically challenged... so lost.

    I decided to try the MSL trick... they gave it to me no issue... that was easy. Rebooted the phone, opened google maps, searched for something, hit navigate... and was like sweet it's working!!! Then all of a sudden the screen went blank, felt the buzz... and off to reboot land it went. I'm call the number sinned96, let's hope it works.

    Please everyone else having the issue call too... at this point it's worth a shot.
  16. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    I been working with the HTC escalation dept. They called me two days ago. They told me have everyone with the problem download the app called sharemyapps. It lists all the apps you have on your phone and then go to the HTC website and hit the contact us link Copy and paste the list in the email with Attn escalation dept. They think it may be a app out there thats causing the issue. Its a start I guess. I'm surprised they called me back. So CALL HTC and lets get this figured out.
  17. ordcavms

    ordcavms Member

    Well i just got off the phone with HTC, they listened to my issues and what I have tried to resolve it, asked for my contact info. and was informed they will call me back tomorrow. She did ask if I had a task killer and I said no, never have used them. She did put me on hold for a minute or so and apparently asked her manager to have it sent to escalation dept. and I should expect a call back tomorrow from them. I will follow your instructions and send the information on their site. Thanks for the 411, I love this phone, just want it fixed so I can keep bragging about it ;)
  18. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    yea this info needs to get passed around the web We as consumers have to make this happen
  19. ordcavms

    ordcavms Member

    ugh... I downloaded that app and my phone is in a reboot cycle, number 7 right now, need to pull the battery
  20. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    I hope every is calling in and complaining about it. That is the only way to get it fixed
  21. ordcavms

    ordcavms Member

    I have heard back from them a few times and have been told they want my phone, we'll see what happens. I love this phone, just want this issue fixed.

    I have been able to pinpoint that it happens for some reason with GPS and mobile networks on, if it goes into a reboot loop, if I can get in and shut off the mobile network, it stops rebooting. I have been able to run the GPS by itself, but unfortunatley both google maps and Sprint Navigation require the mobile network to be on. I have now had it reboot without GPS on and just mobile network on.

    If I run it on wifi only with mobile networks off absolutely no issues what so ever.
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  22. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    I was at the bar last night and met two people with evos that have the same problem and the one woman still has the 2.1 and doesnt use GPS at all. It did it on hers when she was texting someone. The engineer I'm working with added every app I had on my phone on the only evo they had there and could not get it to do it. Im working on a deal where I will send them My evo and they can see if they can find out why its doing it
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  23. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch! Moderator

    Mine has not done it in a long time, it seems to have cleared up on it's own. It will crash and require a reboot to get working again, but no more spontaneous rebooting.
  24. Synergy81

    Synergy81 Member

    Sprint replaced my EVO yesterday morning and about 10 hours later it rebooted. Today so far so good but internet is s-l-o-w.

    Just noticed the Battery Indicator app I have said "Discharging". Would that have anything to do with it? I have it plugged into the laptop.
  25. sinned96

    sinned96 Active Member

    I just got off the phone with HTC They are sending me a new phone and I will send mine to them. Because they have not been able to reproduce the issue with the phones they have Everyone with this problem needs to call HTC at 866 449 8358 They more people that call the more info they get the faster it gets fixed

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