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  1. twojk

    twojk Member

    HELLO ALL..:mad:.. SO.. got the evo, after waiting on wirefly for two weeks to NOT deliver. strolled into a best buy, bam they had 3..A guy was taking them out of the box.. NO WAY! I ordered. cancelled on wirefly.. bada bum!

    while activating it, best buy pitched there insuarnce to me. 10 dollars no deductible. but will not cover lost/stolen. (sprints is 7, will cover lost stolen, with 125 deduc..) mulled it over. What sold me was the.. "if we cant fix our phone, you get a brand new one" yay! oh and the "you'll be protected as soon as you leave the building" ok. cool..

    Well hit up amazon, bought a inocase active ii
    Amazon.com: Seidio Innocase Active Case for HTC EVO 4G - Limited Edition: Cell Phones & Service

    came the next day.. put it on.. kinda bulky, made the phone feel like a tank! i didnt mind the bulk, I wanted protection. gave up my 3gs for this phone. (and I dropped that 3gS at least once a month) ever try filiming a drunk buddy doing karaoke will drunk yourself? aaahhh good times..I DIGRESS.. but drops occur.. you feel me?

    Surely this new tank case can withstand a drop.. wrong... getting out of my car, texting (swyping) before I got out, forgot my key in the ignition, opened door, dropped phone.. screen shattered instantly. I heard it. eww.
    (see picture)..

    after only having it for 9 days I wasnt even mad about, wierd part was it still worked FLAWLESSY! I could swype text ( with the glass digging into my skin of course), but even parts I couldnt see worked great..

    so I take it to best buy, some rude ass bitch, was like.. is this an ipad, or iprong, I like umm, no an evo.. (irrelevant I know) but Its funny. and shes like ok but its not a phone right.. and Im like no it is.. an EVO! (bitch had no teeth in her mouth) eww.. anyway.. so she snatches my evo! starts trying to peel off the silicone backing,well if youre familiar you have to take off the plastic skeleton first, so im like here.. let me do it..

    she prints out a label, I said how long will it take?? 3 WEEKS! (it was like she was happy about telling id be without my phone for 3 weeks).. what a bia. ( I couldve just been in a bad mood, and over analyzed evrything) but its been a week. and I still think she was terrible!

    and so.. my questions (finally right??) are as follows

    1 HAS anyone dropped there evo, without a case, and what happened?
    2 HAS anyone bought THIS case, and dropped it? what happened?


    3 has anyone ever had geek sqaud repair a touchscreen on there phone. or pda?
    4, what are other options for screen repair.. is there a kit out yet? saw one on ebay today for 149.99 JESUS!! might as as well, have sprint INS and pay a deduct, you know.


    before this, my touchscreen was flawless, no light leakage, no screen seperation.. nothing! so im really weary of just getting the screen replaced.. Im thinking when its returned, Ill exchange it for a new one, for some other issue, cause ill be within my first 30 days. (HOPEFULLY!).. but just let me know..

    update. 7/12/10.. (TWO WEEKS) EVO-LESS.



    so im 2 weeks into the 3 week repair process, and im on the parts ordered section... which they say can take up to 10 days, Im imagining that because the reason the evo is costantly in and out of stock, that this will be the longest part to wait on, so when it takes them longer then 3 weeks, to give me back my phone, what do I do? do I complain? do I chaulk it up to being careless... were gonna see

    another thing, when that toothless biatch snatched my phone from me, and told me 3 weeks, and told me to sign, here and here. I didnt notice until reading it later, that I was suppose to remove my media card.. the 8gb that came with it. so it went off for repair with the phone.

    I will tell you this. If I dont get it back, or best buy doesnt compensate me for it, Im going to raise holy hell!!, you gone read about it, whenever I get my phone back. I can see you reading usa today right now, saying its a shame how twojk ****ed them poeple up. so ill let you know. I dont see my phone getting back in the time frame now. but who knows. maybe they'll surprise me.

    UPdate 2~~ 3 weeks (21 DAYs) WITHOUT EVO

    3 weeks to the day. called bb they said after 30 days I can apply for an escalation where I may get a new phone sent from htc.. yay... NOT!!

    I was also told that my memory card issue, (For me signing something i didnt read) I would either be taken care of in the store for that.. or they would send me my original one back somehow.

    since then Ive called sprint and added tep, right before the 30 day mark.. and cancelled black tie service.. also

    My continued experience with BB will deide whether or not I buy anything else from them..

    last year alone I bout a 800 dollar laptop.
    900 dollar washer dryer set.
    1200 plasma tv.
    300 ps3

    and on and on and on

    I dont shop at bb because they are the Best Buy, no I shop there, cause Ive been buying shit from them since I was 16.. so if they foul this up. and its not made right.. I wont be shopping there anymore.. HELLO WALMART

    WALMART wouldve taken back my phone that day, and gave me three.. cause thats how they roll.bb better step up there game..

    i guess ill update when I get another phone.. :(


    7-30-10 (33 days after turning it over)

    so I went up there twice the past week, once on monday, spoke to general manager,he explained to me, what I already knew, that the phone is in short supply because the screens are the main components they cant make enough of, so it should be expected that the delay in the repair is due to the same reason.... and I said well, while I understand how all this works, this isnt what I was promised when I decided to go with BB insurance, instead of sprint TEP, Id have just paid the 100 dollars and had a phone a month ago.. so he said ok, he'd send up another esclation, gave me his number, and told me to call him in 48 hours if geeksqaud hadnt called me, ok... so called 48 hours later, was on hold for 30 mins (with no answer) went up to the store, he was in a meeting, spoke to the mobile manager, she said he would escalate to the area manager for me, to get a resolution. Im really pissed off now... he said someone should call me that day.. no one called.. yesterday (friday) 7-30-09 I called again, on my lunch, break. asked to speak to either the mobile spot manager or the Gm, was told niether was available, but this guy I was talking to had remembered me from yesterday, (he wasnt on duty, he was just in the store checking email, etc..) and he said yea my understanding of the black tie protection was that after 10 days of no parts you should be junked out.. he said he was the only manager there today,so give him a little bit, and hed see what he could do. ok.. cool..

    15 mins later he calls me back, and says ok.. they just got 5 in, my claim is a junk out, as of now.. and I could come up there, and pick it up, itd be waiting on me!!!. naturally.. this made my day

    funny thing is,got to the store, and the guy that was there then, was like umm, did someone call you? or..?? im like yes.. so and so. and hes like ok hold on.. he dissapears for 20 mins, and comes back with the phone, I was like lord.. another 20 mins later, Im walking out of the door with it.. he did ask me, when he was setting it up,would I like to add the bb insurance to this one.. (as id cancelled it, and added sprints tep.. I just gave him that look.. you know the look.. well.. he didnt get the look.. lol, so after about 10 seconds.. I said.. no..... hahahah. if there is a silver lining to all this, its that, while I waited 33 days, my phone was brand new, out of the box, not a refurb or repair, and and.. I got to keep all of my accesories from my first one (minus the memory card, that shipped out of course.. DARN!) but 2 chargers,batteries,usb cables,backs, books, you name it.. .. ok.. thats my story.. good luck.. scudder!

    I think if you have someone that knows what the hell is going on, and is willing to press some button for you, youre good to go.. took me 5 trips to the store, and a couple rude ass people.. but I got a new evo.. and I WILL NEVER DROP IT AGAIN!.. the END



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  2. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Well-Known Member

    wait so an innocase active didn't protect the screen from shattering? WOWOW

    the good thing about having spring insurance is that ASURION has their own inventory for repairs. so you don't have to wait for bestbuy
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  3. Tiako

    Tiako Well-Known Member

    Bestbuy repairs it? They don't send it off...

    I wouldn't trust their repair jobs if that is the case.
  4. HoldFastHope

    HoldFastHope Well-Known Member

    Haha, I enjoyed the story but I am sorry for your loss...Did you read the fine print about them not being able to fix it, they'll give you a new one? Maybe there's a max limit of time they have in order to fix it because 3 weeks is absurd, i'd be fuming.
  5. MsRandall

    MsRandall Well-Known Member

    Sprint Insurance is $100 dollar deductible
  6. heavychevy

    heavychevy Well-Known Member

    Is it an iPad? Hahahahah
  7. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    i would've ran over it a few times and just told them it fell out of your car and multiple cars ran over it. bet they couldn't fix it then.

    i got the bb insurance so i could walk out with a new phone should anything drastic happen to my current one, not so they could try to repair the damages.
  8. jerzeywill

    jerzeywill Well-Known Member

    I never get best buy insurance as I heard horror stories about them. I got insurance from Sprint. Before Evo had iPhone 3GS never dropped it so had no issues. But moral of the story Sprint insurance is cheaper and more reliable plus covers if the device is lost or stolen.
  9. Crescendo

    Crescendo Active Member

    Honestly, that shouldnt have went down like that. I work at Best Buy as a Mobile Sales Lead. There are different factors that come into play with a situation such as your own:

    In your case( from what I understand), you are within your 30 return/exchange policy in which case if you have the GSBTP (Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan) we actually exchange that phone right there in the store (if there are some in stock, if not you can go to any Best Buy). The only time they should've sent your phone off was if you were outside of the 30 day policy.

    Sense they have shipped your phone off, you wont receive the same Evo, but it will be a new one. So its not like they are really repairing the screen, but rather just sending you a new phone.

    The protection plan does has its pros and cons just like anything else out there. But it does hold value and I've experienced many customer satisfactions (as well as disappointments) from it. But I, as a Best Buy Mobile employee, apologize for your negative experience. And do wish you luck with your phone! :)
  10. slschmidt76

    slschmidt76 Well-Known Member

    I have Sprint's insuance for $7 a month. The deductible is $100. They cover EVERYTHING! No matter how long you have had the phone you will receive a new one. Also covers water damage and theft. Thank god for the water damage part. Have had several phones (not my EVO yet) that have been destroyed because I have been thrown in a pool or lake with my phone in my pocket. Ouch! My son even spilled his pop on my Blackberry once. Fried that baby. Needless to say no matter how careful you are with your phone accidents happen. I don't know how many times I have put my phone in my lap in the car and forgot it was there when I got out and BAM slamed it right off the pavement. I have never had a problem with the Sprint ins. not to mention in the long run it's really cheaper. Peace of mind for me.
  11. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    That's why I always use squaretrade insurance for all my phones.
  12. jacker

    jacker Well-Known Member

    I actually dropped my phone at the westin hotel in Long beach in the parking garage. I was getting ready to get in my car when I saw my jacket on the seat.

    I "yanked" my jacket up to seat myself when I suddenly remembered my phone was wrapped up in it.

    OUT flies my phone flipping in the air like a gymnastics tumbler only to land on the unforgiving ground ( and you all know how solid parking garages are) with a sickening thud.

    No case. No screen protector.

    Picked it up and to my relief no popped screen. The sound was messed up for a day. I kept shaking it hoping to pop it back into place. Which it did eventually. I now have a screen protector and a sprint htc silicone case.

    Thank you for reading.
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  13. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh, no, you can receive a remanufactured unit, or they may repair your unit, or you may get a new one. You are not guaranteed to get a brand spankin new phone.
  14. hawt

    hawt Well-Known Member

    Best Buy's big selling point is that you never get a refurbished phone. You get your old phone fixed, or they give you a new one. Your best bet is to just dunk that shit in water and say you dropped it in a toilet or something.

    They still have to send it off, but you should get a new phone out of it and at least you get a loaner phone to use while you wait.

    I was going to get Sprint's insurance but they told me the deductible on the Evo was $150. I've never lost or had a phone stolen, so I'd rather pay the extra $3 a month and use a loaner phone (usually the same brand if they have one in stock) and not have to pay a huge deductible.

    I haven't had to deal with exchanging my phone yet though so take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but it boggles my mind that people think they should just be able to walk in and get a new phone with any kind of less than $10 a month insurance.
  15. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Well-Known Member

    I was talking about Sprint's insurance not Best Buy's. I don't deal with BB. Also, the last I knew, the max deductable through Sprint TEP is $100 not $150. So either I am wrong or BB lied to you. I would go with the latter.
  16. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Well-Known Member

    On your edit....you don't walk in and get a new phone with Sprint's insurance. It is handled by a second party called Asurion. They send you a replacement phone, you send the broken one back. Unelss it is lost or stolen, then they just send you a replacement. As opposed to BB, which does not cover loss or theft.

  17. Yup, Thats the way to do it. So they can't repair it and have to give you a new one.
  18. laredo7mm

    laredo7mm Well-Known Member

    Yup, that is the way to commit insurance fraud. But to each their own.
  19. twojk

    twojk Member

    well good to know.. we'll see.. Ill update on how it came back.. checked on it today..1 week.. and they said they are waiting on parts. the guy told me. that it usually takes 3 weeks to repair it, and if they are having issues getting the parts, they will just give me a new one.. but I should hear something at the end of week 2.. so here we go.. ill wait. I guess
  20. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    This probably off subject but does any one know about wirefly insurance. My friend told me hers is 60 a year and they advance replace. Not bad but they dont cover lost of theft.
  21. twojk

    twojk Member

    well kinda fuming now, that im told i shouldve gotten a new one..right then and there..
  22. Crescendo

    Crescendo Active Member

    I know that there are countless threads out there that compare the different insurance plans and what each one has to offer, but just for clarification purposes I'm comparing the Sprint and Best Buy insurance plans here:

    Best Buy: (taken from GSBTP fact sheet.)

    • $9.99+tax ($10.86) a month. Cancel at anytime, added within 30-days of purchase. Payment deducted from registered debit or credit card.
    • No Deductible.
    • Unlimited amount of claims.
    • Covers accidental damage as well as water damage.
    • Doesn't cover loss or theft.
    • Complimentary charger and battery replacement.
    • Doesn't issue refurbished phones.
    • Will provide loaner phone. (Deposit of $150 required, refunded upon return of phone)
    • Turn around time ~average 4-11 business days
    Sprint: (Taken directly from here sprints website)

    • $7 a month for total equipment protection. (ERP $4+ ESRP $3) Billed to your Sprint Account.
    • Deductible of up to $100 (although I've recently heard this has increased)
    • Up to 3 claims per year.
    • Covers accidental as well as water damage AND Theft/Loss.
    • Chance of receiving a refurbished phone.
    • Loaner phones available at some locations at no cost to you.
    • Turn around time ~average of 1-2 days.
    In short, there are aspects of both that may interest you depending upon what you are looking for in an insurance plan. Also, although all of this is official, I've seen and experienced, at both locations, variances on these plans. Depending on whether you know someone that works there, or manager's discretion, you may be able to have your phone replaced right there in the store, or have expedited turn around times. I am in no way promoting or advertising either plan as being better than the other (though I do work for Best Buy).

    I have seen some people have absolutely horrible experiences with our plans, in which I do feel at fault sometimes because of extended wait times for phones to get back from the repair center. But at the same time the total opposite. Same with the Sprint insurance. My suggestion is to not go by what others say, because you might have a totally different experience than them. Choose what plan looks good to you and that meets your needs.
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  23. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    I prefer Sprint's insurance. Here is why: Last summer I was pushed into the pool. I contacted Sprint that day and explained the situation. They gave me the insurance claim web site to go to , so I did. I went the the website, filled out the form and submitted. The deductable was $100 dollars... charged to my bank card. There was a new (maybe referb) phone overnighted to me for free and on my door step the next day. It included a pre-paid envelope for my old, water damaged phone. Dropped that in the mail box a few days later. It was easy and fast, no questions asked. I could not have been more happy with Sprint's Ins.

    EDIT: I like the fact that Sprints INS covers anything and everything for $7.
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  24. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Well here is my BB replacement experience- had to get mine replaced for the screen separation a few weeks ago. I called the store to verify they had some in new ones in stock and then told them I had a screen separation issue & the actual middle of the screen was not responding to any touch input.

    They told me (I was still within 15 days) that hey would need to send it in for repairs and it could take up to 3 weeks. I was very clear I just bought it. I asked them how they could force me to wait, when if it was an issue with a TV or other electronic device within the initial 30 days, it would simply be exchanged...

    I ended up going up there and talking with the store manager (who seemed to be the only one capable of understanding my logic) and he got it replaced on the spot.
  25. BananaBoatBob

    BananaBoatBob Well-Known Member

    speaking of dropping phones...

    the other night i got pulled over and the cop asked me to step out of the car, well i forgot i had the phone sitting on my lap and i stood up. the phone flew hit the ground and slid a little. my heart dropped.

    i went to pick it up and the cop yelled DONT MOVE. i guess he thought i was trying to pull a quick one. the cop then picked it up himself and said "nice phone i dropped mine the first day i had it and cracked the screen your lucky"

    he gave me the phone and for some reason searched me. in the end i did not get a ticket and my phone only has a little scratch/dent on the side. i also thought it was neat that the cop had the same phone.

    cant wait till my case comes in the mail, thats what i get for ordering one for 4 dollars from china
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