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  1. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Yes they would. Insurance doesn't typically cover water damage. Here is the wording from the agreement for the black tie insurance for 2 years for 170.00:

    A. Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Repair Coverage (GSBTP).

    This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repair your product in the event your product fails to properly operate due to:
    Defect in materials or workmanship
    Normal wear and tear
    Dust, internal overheating, internal humidity/condensation
    A power surge/fluctuation
    Defective pixels for those products that have a pixel-based display. Pixel repair will be based upon three (3) defective pixels located in a group less than one half (1/2) square inch or five (5) defective pixels throughout the entire display area.
    If we determine in our sole discretion thatyour product cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a product of like kind and quality that is of comparable performance or reimburse you for replacement of the product with a voucher or gift card, at our discretion, equal to the current market value of the product, as determined by us, not to exceed the original purchase price of your product, including taxes.
    Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product.
    Replacement parts or products may be new or rebuilt to meet the manufacturer's specifications of the original product at our discretion
    If your original product was delivered and/or installed by Best Buy or Geek Squad as stated on the same purchase receipt as the purchase of this Plan, and you receive a replacement product pursuant to these terms and conditions or it is necessary for us to remove your product from your home for it to be serviced, we will cover the delivery and installation costs for your replacement product or serviced product exclusive of parts such as mounting brackets, kits, etc., that may be needed to complete the installation.
    Your coverage under this Plan is effective beginning on the date you purchase your product or on the date your original product was delivered to you as stated on your purchase receipt and will expire either one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), or five (5) years from this effective date depending on the length of Plan you purchased and as stated on your purchase receipt.
    Our obligations under this Plan will be fulfilled in their entirety if we replace your product or issue you a voucher or gift card for replacement of your product pursuant to these terms and conditions.
    Parts replaced under the terms and conditions of this Plan become the sole property of AIGWG/Best Buy/Magnolia except where prohibited by law.
    This Plan is inclusive of your product's manufacturer's warranty; it does not replace your product's manufacturer's warranty, but it does provide certain additional benefits as listed within this Plan during the term of the manufacturer's warranty.
    Parts and services covered under the manufacturer's warranty during the manufacturer's warranty period or are the subject of a manufacturer's recall are the responsibility of the manufacturer and are not covered under this Plan.
    After the manufacturer's warranty expires, this Plan continues to provide the benefits provided by the manufacturer's warranty (excluding manufacturer's loaner programs), as well as certain additional benefits as listed within these terms and conditions.
    Coverage under this Plan may be available on a limited basis outside of the United States, for details call 1-800-GEEKSQUAD.

    B. Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Product Specific Repair Coverage (GSBTP).

    The following coverages are provided to you under this Plan for the following products and are in addition to the coverages provided to you as stated within Section A, Coverage:
    Smartphones, Personal Digital Assistants and Subscription Based Mobile Phones:
    One (1) battery repair or replacement, when the original battery is defective as determined by us, in our sole discretion. You may be required to return your original defective battery to us to receive a replacement battery.
    Repair or replacement, in our sole discretion, of chargers or cradles that were included with your product at the time of purchase; these products may be mailed to you and are limited to one like item per Plan term.
    Appliances: In addition to the coverages for the products specifically listed in this subsection, this Plan also provides for the removal and installation of an appliance in the same location for services purposes provided that the appliance was delivered and/or installed by a Best Buy Authorized Servicer, Best Buy Authorized Installation Provider or a Geek Squad Installation Technician as stated on the same purchase receipt as the purchase of this Plan.

    It mentions internal condensation but not water damage. This seems to be cheaper than the 10.00 per month so there must be an add on option to cover water damage but I don't think so.

  2. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

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  3. Question? Is there any type of clause in Best Buys repair contract that says after a given number of days out for repair if the repair is still not complete due to lack of parts or whatever, they just replace the device with a new one?
  4. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Internal condensation is legalese for any and all moisture (water) related damage. Plus I have first hand knowledge that water damage is covered.
  5. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    Yes, 30 days. At 30 days the repair is automatically canceled and a couple of days later best buy is given an authorization to replace your phone with a new in store phone.
  6. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    Square trade forces 2 years worth of warranty. I am planning on buying a new phone every year and dumping the old on a popular auction site.

    As for BestBuys warranty, they are terrible... TERRIBLE. My ExGF bought their warranty. When her compact clamshell style Samsung broke (which cost $250 after contract), they sent her a huge non-clamshell SANYO. They called it an "Equivalent phone"... GARBAGE.
  7. Well thats decent then.
  8. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    Be careful with these bulk plans. I paid in bulk with my palm pre because the guy said it was the exact same thing as month to month only you saved money by buying in advance. This is not the case as far as I could tell. I was only 7 months in when I brought my pre in for repair. When they took over 30 days they issued me a voucher that I bought the evo with. Apparently they close out your black tie and consider it claimed. You have to sign up again for a new black tie every time you get a new phone. The geek squad manager said the bulk plans just close out and you don't get a pro-rated refund for the plan. When I made a fuss about it the mobile manager typed a bunch of crap into the computer and suddenly had a pro-rated refund for me(my bulk price - $5/month * 7 mo. for the pre). I don't think this is standard practice however so if you make a claim within 17 months, I would insist on a refund of the remainder.
  9. MisterEd

    MisterEd Well-Known Member

    Squaretrade is the worst value out there.

    You have to pay in full up front and you are only covered for ONE EVENT. If you make use of their insurance 1 week after you got the device you have to buy it and start all over again for your replacement. You need to add that into the "out of pocket" costs. If you drown your phone 3 times in a year you have to rebuy the insurance at full price 3 times.

    With Sprint insurance you pay 1 month at a time and if you drown your phone 3 times in a year you are still paying the same $7/month for the year.

    3 losses in a year:

    Sprint $84 for insurance, $300 for 3 deductibles, replace phone at no add'l cost usually within a day or 2 = $384

    Squaretrade $300 for insurance (3 x $100), $150 for 3 deductibles, TAX on the phone (because you have to buy it yourself, they just give you cash) = ~$650 (figuring $50 sales tax x 3 on your new phones you have to buy).

    Best Buy .... overpriced and just a total rip off. You have to be without your phone for 3-4 weeks. What good is that?
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  10. r3dDaWn

    r3dDaWn Active Member

    Just to be clear, one of my bf is a BB Store Manager, and while BB does have the insurance and all that, there is no automatic 30 day set in stone setup when you drop off a phone, from the point of getting it repaired or wanting it repaired, to getting a new phone. If it's deemed it could take longer for the repair, they have that option of keeping it longer, before choosing to give you a new phone, OR, an equivalent type phone, remember those words. Also, some stores have repair people (Geek Squad), and even she stated she wouldn't trust them with a repair, while in other stores, she knows some great guy's that know what they are doing, so you have to put that in to your equation too. Some think with their plan any problem with your phone and they just give you a new one, that's not the case, they will try to repair it, and it could take a long time for that, before they opt to give you another one, or one they think is on par with what you bought.. In the end I went with Sprint's insurance cause it fit what I wanted and though I bought my phone through BB, I don't trust those I know at Geek Squad in that store or some of the others, lol.. Just pick what's right for you is the moral of it all I guess..
  11. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for that info on squaretrade.
  12. pb pedis

    pb pedis Active Member

    I bought two EVO's on launch day. 35 days later, one of the EVO's stopped registering input to the touch screen. I have both Sprint AND BB black tie insurance. I bought the BB insurance in addition to the sprint insurance I already had because I liked the 'you get a brand new phone' pitch, and I didn't know which insurance would pay off in the end. So, I walk in to a BB 35 days after purchase date (from BB on launch day) and I'm told I'm out of the 30 day period and will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for repair or replacement.

    BB suggests I go to Sprint and see what they can do for the touchscreen problem on site. BB does me the courtesy of calling the local sprint store and finding out if the Tech guys are on site. I go to the Sprint store, and after 30 minutes of trying to figure out what's wrong with the phone, they give up and give me a refurbished EVO on the spot, after transferring the memory card, downloading updates and reloading google contacts for me. That was nice.

    The Sprint technician also told me something interesting. He said that the motherboard of the replacement EVO is refurbished. However, all the other hardware on the phone is new. The phone looks and feels new, exactly the way the two brand new phones felt when I bought them from BB on launch day. I did not pay any deductibles. I did not send my phone out and wait. I just got a replacement EVO that seems absolutely new to me (which it would if the only part that was refurbished was the motherboard).

    I have to say the Sprint plan really paid off for me here. I'm glad someone else posted the key features of each insurance plan earlier in this thread, because it helped me confirm I don't really have a good reason to keep the BB insurance. What for? So I can wait as long as they deem necessary to repair the EVO? I'll take an on the spot refurbished EVO over a month long wait for a new EVO every time, but that's just me. I think I'm going to cancel the BB plan.
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  13. williamhereford

    williamhereford Active Member

    This is a much needed thread. Thanks for all the info on experiences.

    I purchased the BB insurance, partly due to the no deductible and the "hard close" pitch of buy it now with your phone or too bad. I would agree with all the suggestions of month to month payment as I have the option of dropping it at any time. Outside of the experience of the first poster, has anyone had a quality experience with BB Black Tie?

    With respect to Sprint's insurance is the deductible only charged when the phone is lost? I liked hearing that they accessed the phone on site and gave a replacement. Are all sprints replacements refurbished? Do they always have clean/new externals? I just don't want to be handed a used looking phone.

    The 100 dollar deductible was part of what got me to go to BB. I've never lost a phone (or broken one for that matter, so I know I'm about due) so hearing BB covers all damage and wear, you just have to bring them a phone sounded good. Sprint Ins. doesn't deal with accidental breakage. Correct?

    To be honest hearing the two pitches at the time I remember thinking. With Sprint if I break my EVO just throw it in the garbage go to Sprint and say I lost it. 100 dollars later refurbished phone.

    With Best Buy don't lose it and I'm fine. Broken phone, bring it in. New phone no deductible. This seems to be less the normal practice through experiences on here.

    What are Best Buys loner phones? Same model or some crap Nokia circa 1996?
  14. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    The manager at the BB I got my Evo from ran over his Evo and got a brand new one. I'm sure he didn't have to wait for repairs since it was smashed completely.
  15. hyabusha

    hyabusha Active Member

    I cracked my camera glass. Paid $100 deductible with sprint Ins. I'm waiting for a replacement phone from the manufacturer. I'm happy.
  16. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    I had a bad and good BB experience. My micro USB port wasn't working and I was on day 28 of my trial period. The bb store I got mine from told me it would take up to 30 days for repair and they couldnt exchange it because they wouldn't have any more for a few weeks.

    A friend told me you don't have to go to the same store you bought it from. I called the one closer to my house and the woman on the phone gave me a hard time. I told them I didn't want to send it in for repairs because I still had 2 days left to return it.

    I didn't like what she had to say so I said let me speak to the manager, and she replied 'i am the manager'. I told her if she's the best they got then I'm screwed. I think she took it personally. She said let me have your number and I'll get back to you.

    10 minutes later I got a call and was told to go to the store I originally got it from and they will take care of me. After I got their, I got a brand new evo and they also got me a zagg screen protector.

    This was yesterday, so I'm installing my backups from my pc still. It sucks because the first store lied to my face, well to my ear since it was over the phone, but in the end I'm happy.

    I used App Dragon to make a list of all of my apps and then it emailed the list to me. I also used Appsinstaller to back up my apps. In case I forgot to back up an app, I have an email to remind me what apps I had.
  17. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Internal Humidity/Condensation is legalese for "We can decide we don't cover submerged". Otherwise they would put Liquid Damage. Trust me I went through a lot of this in 2005 when my apartment decided to get flooded by Katrina.
  18. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    I got a surprise call from the manager at BB and asked me if I was taken care of. I told her everything went great and I got another Evo and also thanked her from helping me out.

    She reminded me about my negative comment about her being the best they had. I thanked her for what she did, and also told her I thought it was odd the other BB found an Evo even though they weren't going to have any for a few weeks. She didn't respond to that part, but I'll shop at BB again.
  19. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    Just to let you know. The reason they gave you a refurb on the spot was because it was a factory defect. The insurances had nothing to do with it. The insurance is for an accidental breakage or lost/stolen phone. If its a defect you bring it to sprint for the first year. You dont need insurance for defects.

    How you should really compare the plans is for accidental damage.

    BB- 10/mo, no deductible, 3-4 weeks for repair or replace with new. Does not cover loss or theft.

    Sprint - 7/mo, $100 deductible. Quicker repair or replace with refurb. Covers loss or theft.

    What you should

    1. See my post on page 1 for a good experience.

    2. Sprint also covers accidental damage.

    3. A pos loaner. I got some old samsung.

    The paperwork they give you with info on the black tie program clearly states that it covers any and all types of damage no questions asked as long as you bring the phone in.
  20. nyczducky

    nyczducky Active Member

    Sprint is $100 deductable $7 a month. Sprint's policy is if they can't fix it you get a new one. If they don't have your phone in stock you get an equivalent phone (which can be better) or the next best thing. If its from a phone defect you don't have to pay the deductable.

    I used a crappier case than the one that you have. I dropped this thing pretty hard onto hardwood and the pavement. Never cracked. Had a scratch on my screen but I had a screen protector so it was alright. You might have dropped it on like a small rock screen first to cause that. Unless you had a "juggling" event and hurled it to the floor. lol
  21. jessea2503

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  22. centauress

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    Don't go passing wrong information! I just checked Assurion today (7/18) - STILL $50 OR $100! CHECK THE INSURANCE WEBSITE BEFORE YOU LIE TO PEOPLE!!!!
  23. jessea2503

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  24. Bic101

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    Call the credit card company you used to buy your phone. Many automatically offer free 90 day accidental damage coverage, and extend your warranty one year, no deductible, when using the card for purchases.
  25. kb5zcr

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    I don't get insurance at all since I get a $150 credit each year for a new phone anyway. If I break my EVO I will just have to use my old phone as a backup until the next upgrade.

    Ins is not worth it in my opinion.

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