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EVO shift screen is unresponsiveTips

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  1. narflack

    narflack Active Member

    EVO shift was working fine. Wife put it in her purse when I hit power button it took a long time to boot up. When it finally did I cant get any response on the screen when I try the unlock code. Took battery our and rebooted with same result. Dont know what happened but not I get my screen with wallpaper and unlock code dots but cant get any further.

    Any suggestions before I do a hard reset

  2. mavmannate

    mavmannate New Member

    ...my suggestion would be a reset.
    It didnt get wet or anything???? :confused:
  3. Pwrthief

    Pwrthief Member

    I had a similar problem. when i took it to the sprint store they told me that the touch screen went bad and needed to be changed. of course they didn't have one in stock so i still need to get it fixed

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