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  1. Prerunner

    Prerunner Member

    I finally retired the old Triumph, G60madman leaving the Dev team over there put the final nail in coffin. I'm blown away by the Rom's and info on this phone, its almost overwhelming coming from the Triumph. Anyway, any non obvious advise and maybe a solid Rom recommendation for a daily driver needing camera, audio, and given I live in BFE a good signal? Can't wait to dive in:D

  2. thIsgUy20

    thIsgUy20 Well-Known Member

    I actually came over from the triumph to and same for me when g60 left I said well time to move on even tho now I develop on the triumph since I got nothing else to do with it. If your s-on I would say mobster roms if ya s-off I'd say dastin cm10.1 android jb 4.2.1 that's what I'm running now
  3. Prerunner

    Prerunner Member

    I think I'm going to go S-Off. Any issues to be away of with Dastin CM10.1 I should be aware? The whole radio thing has thrown me for a bit of a loop, lot of options in radio's. Isn't there a Rom with the best of the best built in?
  4. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    The reason there are so many roms and so much dev support available is because you've had the sprint evo 3d devs have a huge head start.

    The flagship Evos have always had killer dev support. The original EVO has 4.2.1 Roms, its amazing.

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