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  1. TexasZac

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    Unlike a lot of people I did not update via sprints ota before reading about it. I was using unrEVOked's root app and didn't want to lose wifi tether. I waited until unrEVOked released their ota patch. Since using it I have lost 4g internet. Phone continuously says "scanning" when 4g is turned on. So here is the question;

    Is there an easy fix to keep easy root access and still use 4g. I say easy because I don't feel half as smart about this stuff as some of you seem.
    Can I update via the htc website without the fear of the double ota brick? Knowingly losing wifi tether for the mean time.


  2. UrbanMuppet

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  3. TexasZac

    TexasZac New Member

    Thanks urban. What do you think about going ahead with the HTC update?

    If there is a way to move a thread please let me know. Like I said, I am new to forum posting.
  4. Slug

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    Done. :)

    For future reference, the easiest way is to use the "Report Post" button and request the move in the comments box.
  5. UrbanHillPG

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    My phone cant seem to find the new update. Im still running 1.32.651.1 and when i check for an update it says "No updates available"
    Anyone know about this?
  6. TexasZac

    TexasZac New Member

    I may be wrong but you should be able to go to the HTC website and download updates.

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