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  1. KryptoNyte

    KryptoNyte Well-Known Member

    When you folks activated your phones, did anyone purchase the additional Hotspot capability in the phone? I had read at one point that it was going to be an extra $15 a month, but I don't recall seeing the option in my account settings.

  2. evo3djunkie

    evo3djunkie Member

    I had to call and have a rep activate the hotspot feature. They added $15 to my account ($16.05) with tax and then added it to my account. Then, the feature started working on my phone right away.

    My next bill shows that it will be $70 now instead of $55.
  3. KryptoNyte

    KryptoNyte Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the honest man's answer, E3DJ, I'll give 'em a call.
  4. narutoninjakid

    narutoninjakid Well-Known Member

    You know WiFi tether on rooted phones is working and you could get that free correct ?
  5. KryptoNyte

    KryptoNyte Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I saw something about that. I just figured that if VM actually gave the phone the honest man's option, I would just go ahead and pay for the added service.

    As for other users, they can do as they please, none of my business.
  6. narutoninjakid

    narutoninjakid Well-Known Member

    im on metro right now and i have tether app ive just never used it out of fear. i don't want any carrier to cancel my service just for tethering. used to be on virgin mobile with lg rumor 2 should get the evo v by the end of the month. i just install the app in case one day there's a real emergency and i really need internet with metro anyway i probably wont even have service :D LOL. i hate them my parents made me switch, i would have probably had the Motorola triumph though. i have an lg esteem and i will never buy an lg phone ever again! dual core, quad core i don't care im never buying it. i lobve this phone because its htc and i know htc builds quality phones. your right its better to go the honest way but to convince my parents to let me change from the $50 plan i was using the $35 dollar plan as leverage saying its cheaper. i dont think i will be paying the $15 anytime soon.
  7. trippin

    trippin Well-Known Member

    I wish you would have had the LG Optimus V here because it's a badass little phone. I have it now since launch and love it to death, was my first android phone but my fourth or so LG phone, I've had nothing but awesome experiences with LG (and their TV's). But it's time for me to move on to HTC as it's a much better spec'd phone. Just have to find a store with one in stock :\
  8. swerver32

    swerver32 Well-Known Member

    Just curious, what do you guys use this for? I can't envision when I would ever use this. I guess if I was somewhere with others that all had WiFi devices but no one actually had a mobile data connection,but that seems like it wouldn't happen too often. Or ever. There must be a real 'killer app' that makes this worth $15/mo.
  9. narutoninjakid

    narutoninjakid Well-Known Member

    I had an optimus v for an mp3 player!
  10. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    I don't think its been mentioned on here yet but you also get an extra gig of data if you opt to pay the extra 15 for hotspot capabilities.
  11. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Bow down and thank your parents profusely, the Triumph was/is one of the biggest POS ever produced by any company. Trust me, I went through 6 replacements before I gave up and sold it before the price plummets with the introduction of this phone.
  12. ssjChris

    ssjChris Well-Known Member

    I've been sort of afraid to try out the hotspot function but it can still be used without the hotspot plan, right? I'm going to be a hotel room with no free WiFi next month and it would be nice to try and finally use it to browse the web on my laptop.
  13. evo3djunkie

    evo3djunkie Member

    I've been a Clearwire "Clear" subscriber for awhile and Clear 4G costs $34.95/month and I have to carry around a separate device. I figured the $15/month to turn my Evo V into a hotspot is a bargain when compared to what I've been paying. The great thing about the Evo V's hotspot is that it can be used on 3G too, so it even works in places where I wouldn't normally be able to get a Clear 4G signal.

    I use it primarily for work since I'm a webmaster and need to be able to connect my internet devices to the web at all times and I don't like to be stuck in the office all day.

    After confirming that the Evo V's hotspot feature works, I cancelled my Clear service yesterday.
  14. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    I hope you are taking into consideration that the 4G is not unlimited, contrary to the fact that some people have been spreading around that it is. :confused:
  15. evo3djunkie

    evo3djunkie Member

    I considered that before cancelling my Clear service. I almost decided to keep Clear because they offered me a $10 discount per month to stay a customer. Even with that, I think the VM hotspot feature will work better because I never exceeded 2gb/month on Clear and VM gives 3.5gb with the hotspot feature.

    Also, VM is kind of unlimited because I would still get data even after 3.5gb; it would just be throttled down to a slower speed. I don't think I'll ever get to that point, but if it ever becomes a problem, the nice thing about Clear is that there's no contract, so I can reactivate Clear service at any time and downgrade my VM service if things don't work out.

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