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EVO V No 3G Signal - No InternetSupport

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  1. aidan80

    aidan80 Member

    After my initial headaches of switching from my old Optimus V to the EVO V I've a new issue that cropped up yesterday. I have no 3G access anywhere I go, I've no 4G access in known 4G areas. I've restarted the phone. Pulled the battery etc but it's not connecting. I've full signal can make/receive voice calls and texts without an issue.

    I did notice if I send/receive a picture message the 3G icon lights up while it's lit up for those few seconds I can get online. Once the picture message is sent it shuts off 3G and back to no internet. I'm running the stock VM ROM no roots or modifications. I was running juice defender and uninstalled that just to ensure it wasn't causing the issues.

    One final thing I've noticed and this may or may not be related. At night when I leave the phone on I'll wake up in the morning with 25+% of the battery drained. Nothing will work on the phone, no WiFi, no 3G (when I had it) nothing. I either have to set the phone to airplane mode at night or restart it when I wake up.

  2. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    HTC EVO V 4G Im on stock ROM just got the phone a week ago everything was working good up until Saturday night sunday morning woke up to ERROR CODE 67 now 3G not working im in Cali 4G works calls and text but no 3G its now day 4 with no 3G called VM like 12 times they 'escalated' my issue 4 times already still no 3G and error code 67 also have a Moto Triumph same home and no 3G on th MT either
  3. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    I am still having the same problem. A whole week has gone by without data. They need to fix it
  4. newevouservm

    newevouservm Well-Known Member

    Keep on calling till you get someone that can restart your month. I had this problem with the samsung intercept when I first got it. Something must of went wrong during your activation. There used to be a number floating around that could call directly to someone not outsourced. Try to find that number if its still around.
  5. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a network issue to me if it affects multiple phones.
  6. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    I believe there is another thread about this already. You're not alone
  7. aidan80

    aidan80 Member

    With VM we get the customer service we're paying for. I had to call three times, took me an hour and a half but finally got back online. The first idiot tells me without stopping to ask where I lived lol! That there was network issues and to call back after 5?!.. Funny thing is I'd been driving all over and I knew that was a lie, that guy had an attitude. The second idiot I spoke with after a lot of poking around tells me my network is down and will be back up later. I demanded to talk to actual tech support who finally resolved the issue.

    Great phone it's just a pity there is no actual tech support until you call and demand to be put through to someone that will try and find the problem vs telling you to pull out the battery or call back in 7 hours.
  8. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    My data had gone out as well with error code 67 I had to revert to an older version of my rom so I could update profile and prl, after doing so I got 3g back but I'm still without 4g, live in so cal, my bro just got this phone and his 4g is working
  9. haro138

    haro138 Well-Known Member

    SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT, I just had this problem and resolved it. I had to switch to harmonia which is mostly stock from mobster light. I had 4g, calls, and texts working but no 3g after switching back to my evo v. I'm looking through my mobster rom settings and I cant see the exact thing that the guy had me do. I'm pretty sure it was under activate this device. If anyone is running a stock rom and wants to post a screen shot I can tell you exactly what he had me do. I'm about to go out and dont want to switch roms at the moment. . . DAMN. . . I want to say it was upgrade something or other.
  10. gagamonstar

    gagamonstar Member

    the only time i can use wi-fi is on a MIUI rom. On harmona or any other scene rom it wont connect to wi-fi i even went back to stock. I think ima flash the ruu and if i still have the problem im going to return the phone!
  11. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Sounds more like a software issue that probably wouldn't be helped by getting a replacement, if it's working with MIUI than obviously it's not the phone's wifi radio being defective. From personal experience with swapping out 6 Triumph replacements that were all class a in the sealed box, not all replacements are created equal, and unless you're within the 30 day window you'll be receiving a class c which is just the bare phone in a plain white cardboard box. No telling what issues you might have to deal with then. Unless you're positive that it's hardware related I wouldn't want to take the gamble. :rolleyes:
  12. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    finally after 10 days of ERROR 67 and no 3G woke up this morning to 'system update complete' and BAMM 3G is back so looks like the problem got resolved well at least down here in Cali for every one else you just gotta wait there working on getting it fixed good luck
    edit: my HTC EVO V got fixed by itself to get 3G back on my triumph i had to call costumer service and they reset my 3G and now is working
  13. BmXStuD

    BmXStuD Well-Known Member

    I just made a thread with the same problem. Has everyone in here got there 3g back? I just went out and brought a new phone. Still not activated yet, but i dont want this problem again,.
  14. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    Yeah this issue was resolved for me, 3g resolved itself in its own, 4g required a call to virgin and reset on they're side
  15. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    The VIP line no longer works. You still get the Sprint VIP center, but they no longer have any direct control over MVNO accounts. They can forward your info over to VM account managers and follow up on it.

    Strange there are a number of issues that seem to be popping up all over the country. At my house, in a remote area at the edge of 3G, I was testing out the S2 and after returning it my Evo is all of the sudden getting 1mbit connections and I have another bar of signal showing.... There may be a large push to get their 3G towers swapped over or upgraded and it could be hitting people differently.

    Anyone having issues tried to do a PRL update?
  16. BmXStuD

    BmXStuD Well-Known Member

    PRL update works fine. I just brought a new evo v 4g and having the same problem STOCK. So its not my ROM or radio flash... its a Sprint tower issue for me.
  17. birddseedd

    birddseedd Well-Known Member

    I have not figured out wat the problem is. my wifes phone works just fine. something must be different about mine. if i cannot get it fixed in the next hour im going to ruu and take an hour drive to have it flashed to boost again. that is my last hope
  18. Jaxmoto

    Jaxmoto Well-Known Member

    If you are getting redirected to the Virgin site when you try to open a website then it is an issue with your account, they need to cycle it.... same as when your month rolls over, or when you manually start a new month. Some people have even given up on the issue in the past and just gone to the website and paid for a new month to get it fixed (not recommended since customer service managers will fix it if you ask for a manager when on with the normal rep).

    If you are getting no data whatsoever, and other VM phones are, when it is either a hardware issue or Sprint does not have your ESN properly recorded in their system. Flashing may not do you any good since it is the same network.

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