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  1. aidan80

    aidan80 Member

    Has anyone else encountered an issue where their phone will crash/restart itself while running Pandora. This happens like clockwork when I hit an area with no coverage otherwise everything else runs fine. Get back to an area with coverage start up Pandora and all of a sudden everything is rock solid again. On my previous phone, the Optumus V when this would happen Pandora would say something like "waiting for coverage" then pickup and start running again when I had coverage. I do have the latest version of Pandora installed and I'm running the stock VM ICS OS.

    I've one other issue how do I set the EVO to run of WiFi only. It seems to disconnect itself from the WiFi after a few hours of not using it and switch back to 3G. I've noticed while on 3G it consumes more battery vs WiFi. I have WiFi at work all day and at home. The only place I use 3G is in the car. I'm just on the outskirts of 4G coverage here.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. remanifest

    remanifest Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen anything like this before - it's awkward for sure. Have you tried clearing the data on Pandora? Settings>Apps>Pandora is where you can find the button.
  3. aidan80

    aidan80 Member

    The phone is new just activated it a few days ago. This crash happens like clockwork when driving through a certain part of town where there's a bit of a black spot in terms of coverage. I've even switched off wifi just in case it was trying to connect to a hotspot in that area as I drive though. I'll try clearing the data in Pandora see what happens.
  4. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    I heard there were issues with the new release of Pandora. I've been using an older version and no problems so far. Might want to find a source where they have older releases of Pandora
  5. aidan80

    aidan80 Member

    I just got a Pandora update today funny enough. I'm going to drive through the black spot next time I'm in that part of town see if it dies.

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