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Evo V vs Galaxy S2

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  1. Carlos0903

    Carlos0903 New Member

    Which one is better and why?

  2. frantik508

    frantik508 Well-Known Member

    It depends.

    Which one is better for the price? Evo V.

    Which one is better if they were both the same price? S2
    Why? Specs-wise, everything is better(or the same).
  3. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    What he said
    S2 only has a slightly better camera, slightly better processor and that's really all beside the bigger screen (that has lower PPi then the Evo V tho)
  4. mistichunter

    mistichunter Well-Known Member

    s2 is better cause the evo has problems sometimes dialing. and has better processor
  5. frantik508

    frantik508 Well-Known Member

    Also, S2 doesn't have Sense. Some people love Sense, some hate it. After actually owning an HTC phone, I can say that I will never own one again. I mean I don't hate Sense, I just don't prefer it.
  6. amk2795

    amk2795 Well-Known Member

    I sure as hell prefer Sense over TouchWiz ;_;
  7. landonh12

    landonh12 Well-Known Member

    The evo v has aokp jelly bean 4.1.2, so you can get rid of sense. There's also aosp 4.2.1 ROMs.

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