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  1. mtjader

    mtjader New Member

    I have a new Evo View tablet. I cant get my favorite traffic app that I use on my EVO 4G phone to work on my new EVO View tablet. When I search for Glob in the Andriod market place on my EVO View tablet, the results only show the plugins for Glob, but not the Glob 1.6 traffic app.

    I have no trouble getting the Glob traffic 1.6 and radar app when I search for it on my EVO 4G phone Market Place, but cant get it on the EVO View.

    Any ideas?

  2. mtjader

    mtjader New Member

    Hi Loick:
    Thank you very much. I got your new version working on my EVO View Tablet. It looks great.

    Your Glob app has been a life, or Google Maps traffic saver after Google upgraded to Maps 5.0. They made their Navigation and maps work better in many ways; but spoiled the program for watching traffic flow for professional drivers. On Google maps 5.0 the traffic font is to small and it is very hard to differentiate between the two red traffic color codes. I just cant use it safely in the car.

    With you Glob app on EVO View tablet I am using the regular font. I can see the detail better with the large 7-inch screen and regular font. On my smaller 4.3-inch HTC EVO 4D, and now 3D version, I use the larger font.

    Thanks for responding so quickly to my request for help.

    Glob, dont leave home with out it. :cool:
  3. DatacomGuy

    DatacomGuy Well-Known Member

    Edit: Nvm..

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