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    Currently a Pre user, but it's on it's on it's last leg, so need to get a new phone.
    Right now, I think I'm in a toss up between the Evo and the Epic, but I am open to other suggestions and had considered the Evo Shift and will try to put my hands on one, but my understanding is the Epic tends to be better!!
    In any case here are a few things, I really care about....
    I'm not a gamer, I mainly want a phone to check email, text, talk and surf the web. With that, I'm sure either will do fine for most of that.
    1) Email, must be able to easily configure and use multiple Pop3 accounts. Loved the way my Pre did this, I've heard Evo isn't as friendly, but maybe that's changed.
    2) Flashlight via LED - Again, I have a great app on my pre and find myself using this all of the time. It honestly could be a deal breaker!! I don't want the crappy screen goes white flashlight, it MUST be the LED.
    3) What about FLASH player? To be honest, I'm a bit uneducated when it comes to this, they kept promising it on the Pre, but it never materialized. I do know that I get an error saying I need to DL a newer version, but can't through the Pre. When is it necessary?
    4) Multi-tasking - This is another BIG one for me. My understanding is a lot of phones don't do this or just don't do it well. With my Pre, I can be on a call and while talking, I can send a text, check email, take a picture and surf the web if I so desire. Can I do this with these phones? Can I do it all at the same time?
    5) Call hold - another thing that's bugged me about my pre. I never after 1-1/2 yrs have been able to figure out how to place one call on hold and answer another incoming call or hang up on the 1st call and answer the 2nd. It always seems to either answer and connect all calls or end all calls! Very, very frustrating. How easy is this on each of these phones?
    6) Videos/Pictures - I've heard pro's and con's from both of these phones. Honestly, I'm happy with my pre's picture quality and I'm sure it's lesser than either of these. I hear the Epic takes better pics than the EVO, despite a smaller megapixel. I've also heard it just appears that way due to the more vivid screen on the Epic. Could I really leave my Handicam at home and use this? Again, fairly happy with the pre, but it wasn't perfect here either.
    7) Speed dial from icons - with my Pre, I have an app called LaunchPoint, which creates dialing shortcuts in my launch pad. I create icon's for the users I want and then hit the icon and can choose between calling, texting, emailing, etc... I use that all the time.
    8) Another thing I love about my PRe is that I can just flip open the keyboard, start typing and bring up a contact, google search, etc.... Makes calling/texting contacts a breeze as well as searching the web quickly. It basically eliminates several steps....
    9) GPS - one of my biggest complaints about my pre is that the GPS has to have cell service. Probably same on all sprint phones, but not sure! Is this true on these two phones as well or can I use the GPS without cell or wifi? I understand the Pre has a hack to bypass this, but never installed it. I'm also curious about ease of use of GPS, Pre's isn't bad, but I find myself using google maps more than GPS to accomplish same thing.
    10) What about Google Maps, do either of these use this and can I use it on these two phones?
    11) Remote desktop or Logmein - Can I use either of these programs with either of these phones?
    12) What about VPN? I know the Pre has apps for VPN, but have never figured them out or how they'd be useful. I do have a VPN setup, so it might be a nice feature depending upon what it did.
    13) Wireless hotspots - Can I freely do this with either phone? Is there a fee? What does the app cost? I do have an app for the pre and it works great and was just a one time app fee. I can broadcast a signal over wifi or usb. Currently, I use it when traveling with my laptop, but could see using this in the future with a tablet possibly....??
    14)Google Voice - I currently have it setup to receive voicemail via text, I'm sure that works on any phone though!!
    Other things I'm curious about are transferring from phone to pc things like video, pics, etc. I am a bit intrigued by the EVO's HDMI Port, but to be honest, probably wouldn't use a lot, I'd probably be just as happy DL'ing the video to my pc and viewing with my PC's DVR program, currently WMC, but looking to change. How hard is rooting on either of these? That sounds like the way to go and it is something I've somewhat done on my pre, which brings up another question.... I use a program called Preware, which let's one install most "rooted" types of programs without having to hook up to PC. Is there something like this on either of these?
    I really do appreciate any responses on any of these questions as I'll probably have to do something very, very soon. Thanks


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