EVO w/Sprint service scheduled to disconnect, can I still use apps that need internet?

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  1. anony

    anony New Member

    Alright, I could use some help. In a couple days or possibly tomorrow, Sprint will be cutting my service (not voluntarily). I have the HTC Evo and I want to know what functionality I will be losing, besides the obvious. I read somewhere that a guy had trouble accessing his music player and basic apps that were once associated with the Sprint's network. What kind of other services or apps can I still use?

    I wanted to know if I can have my EVO hook on to my home network's Wi-Fi completely without Sprint's involvement. So I went into Airplane Mode and clicked Wi-Fi and it works. Is that all I really need to keep enjoying my data service? Do I still need any sort of tethering app or some other app I can use to my advantage after service is cut? I don't know when I can turn it back on, may be awhile, so I want to prepare my phone to use its full advantage without having service and grab any apps you think that can keep me connected to....something, anything. Since Wi-Fi is strictly at home, is there an app that will let me use some of my apps that need internet while away from home?

    Secondly, do you think I should grab UNREVOKED for these reasons?

    If theres something in the market or elsewhere I should get before the cutoff please let me know. Otherwise I will really miss my apps that need to use the internet to function.

    Thanks in advance...

  2. You can still do everything you would normally do, except on wifi. Of course, you wont be able to make calls and texts on sprint's network. But you can use google voice or a number of other voip apps to make calls on wifi.

    Absolutely. It's YOUR phone, sprint cant tell you how you can use your device on wifi.


    No, that's what 3g is for, and obviously you wont be able to use that. You can obviously use wifi where ever its available, i.e. coffee shops, etc.

    There would be no additional reasons to root just because you dont have sprint service. the reasons to root would be the same as if you were on sprint. If you dont have a reason to root now, you shouldnt have a reason to root then.
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  3. anony

    anony New Member

    great! I have a google voice number already (but set up as standalone voicemail). Are you saying that I can make google voice calls through my disconnected EVO using wi-fi? Thought I couldnt do that.
  4. Actually, I'm not sure about that one. I thought Google Voice uses wifi only, but I've also heard is does actually use the cell service. Honestly, I'm not sure, I've never used it.
  5. Jbenjamin36

    Jbenjamin36 New Member

    You need to use your wifi , then download line2 on your market and you will be able to use it just like your cellphone. You can call and text and gives you an option what area code you want. Try it it's really cool. Then after the trial if you still want to proceed you only pay $10.00 a month which is not bad at all. The sound quality is really great compare to others. Check out! I hope this helps.
  6. anony

    anony New Member

    In my OP I was really kinda asking about what services, if any, that I can get to stay with me for free after getting cut off from service. I guess thats what I meant, regarding calls and data. And since you replied just NOW lol with a new app that sounds fantastic, then I will say thank you.

    Because last winter when I got shut off I tried to use my EVO handset with a free Google Voice number via VOIP applications and it was a real nightmare! It required special technical setup thru TWO different services, one of which wanted to charge a fee after some time. All that trouble just to receive free calls over WIFI at home which half the time the other person could not hear me. I would never suggest it to anyone, very complicated. Unless of course you are a tech wizard. I'm pretty good at figuring out device settings around intermediate level, but that was hellish.

    So thank you for posting your new find! I'm sure it will help someone out for sure. Maybe me again haha.
  7. seneca18

    seneca18 Active Member

    Just think of it as a small tablet. That is the functionality you will have out of it. Anything via wifi will work just fine.
  8. drewcam888

    drewcam888 Well-Known Member

    just use groove ip for Google voice calls. it is a one time buy app in the market.
  9. shassie2012

    shassie2012 New Member


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