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Evo4g charging issueSupport

  1. perrfetk

    perrfetk New Member

    I have an Evo4g with what i think might be a hardware issue but not sure. Story goes i had an evo, broke it, friend gave me this evo that i had rooted a few months back (januaryish) with cm7 and tiamat 3.3.7-sbc kernel. the charging port is a bit funky on the phone, gotta have it in the right position but it will take a charge and connect to pc and all, so connectivity is ok. i have unrooted it and updated to the most current ota update.

    Problem comes in with the charging. for example, today i had it in my car (as the car charger fits the best/charges better) and it charged up to 50%, and had a blinking orange light, battery was hot, and wouldn't charge further. I removed the battery, let it cool, and now that i'm home i have it on the wall charger checking every 15 min or so to make sure its charging and if its not, unplugging and reconnecting.

    friend who had the phone before me tried his battery, and bought an new extended life battery and had the same issue, so i think its either a component in the charging circuit went bad, or the charging port itself is an issue and needs replaced (which i can as i do micro circuit repair at work). i have the old guy which charged fine, so i can salvage something there.........he's just a bit um.......... i beat it with a hammer cause the screen wouldn't turn on half the time.

    anyone who has come across this issue before tell me what you did. thanks in advance!!

  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog VIP Member

    I know there have been a few issues with the Charging Port on the EVO. Since You know how to solder and repair eletronics you can find a charge port on line for like 3 or 4 dollars
  3. perrfetk

    perrfetk New Member

    I am going to change the port. i was just wondering if this issue could be caused by the port itself or there could be a software/hardware problem because of the lack of full charge/overheating battery. i guess if it were somewhat shorted because its loose would make sense.


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