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    okay... so i bought my ex girlfriend a zte score from metropcs when her and i started dating, so we could keep in touch. long story short she moved in, got pregnant with someone elses kid and i kicked her out. she locked me out of the phone and i think deleted some system files. i tried to hard reset and i got the eris icon with a ! in a triangle. how can i fix this? i would like to factory restore the phone and root/rom it for my new(not so new), (not a hoe), gf cuz her phone is all sorts of messed up and broken and old, like, its pre-touchscreen era. but i cant find drivers for this phone that work. i took it to metropcs but they pretty much blew me off. when i start it normally it comes up to the (forgotten password) enter gmail info screen but of course she wont tell me what the info is so i can just do it that way. and hard reset fails every time. please help. thanks mucho in advance. this phone does not have cwm or recovery on it. also im pretty familiar with rooting and android dev talk. ive had my current phone rooted for ages. soft bricked and unbricked it twice. have had several different kernels and roms on it. so dont feel like you have explain like im a third grader.

  2. boomer21b

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    never mind guys. got it. two weeks after deciding to resurrect the dead zte i finally managed to wipe it and get it back to factory origional.
    thanks to anyone who would have tried to help.

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