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  1. Gertex

    Gertex Member

    Hi all,

    Traded my iPhone 4S yesterday for the Skyrocket and after some initial frustration (it's not necessarily intuitive) things are getting easier.

    Example: I was told that you can put any media file and use it as ringtone but I figured out that it will not let me use the old iphone ringtones in .m4r format but wanted it in .mp3 (AFTER I had figured out that I needed to create the dang directory). Other one that got me that you had to 'mount' the phone via USB vs. just connecting it to the PC.

    Some of the questions that are flustering me right now:

    How the heck can I look at how much battery life I have left in% or other metrics? (vs. just the little pic on top).

    It says I have 1.92 GB system storage. Experienced Android users here at work say that's not a lot and to guard it jealously. My question is this, if I have 11GB free - why can't I just up/extend the system storage by let's say an extra 2GB?

    My home network does not assign automatic IP addresses, last night I spent an hour trying to figure out how to do that manually. Whenever I say modify network configuration, it just gives me the option to change password. Not to assign ip address, etc. I know it HAS to be possible... just can't figure out how.

    What are some of the best music applications which I can use to transfer my music to the phone?

    Does anyone know of a real good primer for Android?

    Thanks a ton for this forum and all help!

  2. Jellz

    Jellz Well-Known Member

    For the battery thing, download Elixir 2 and Elixir Widget. It lets you make customizable widgets, and one lets you view battery temp and battery percentage remaining. It's a very nifty, if not intuitive, app.
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  3. BlackZenith

    BlackZenith Well-Known Member

    Download a batter widget. Try "Battery Widget" in the market

    Samsung Kies software will answer some questions about music tranfers. Its an similar to iTunes...

    MP3 Ringtone app will allow you to crop any song on your phone into a ringtone.

    I switched from a iPhone 3Gs a few weeks ago BTW...
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  4. Gertex

    Gertex Member

    Okay, I just found the Kies software you referred me too, however it says this is not for this phone (It's the latest version

    Anyone have an idea where to find a proper version?
  5. BlackZenith

    BlackZenith Well-Known Member

    I have Kies version
    The phone shows up as SGH-I727.

    When I started up the program it did request to update itself... I declined in light of your posting...
  6. floppy

    floppy Member

    I understand your frustration, when I switched form Iphone to android I had to have a time of adaptation, but now I would not go back for anything!!

    for your problem, go to settings - wireless and network - wi-fi settings - use the properties button (right bottom) and click advanced - check "use static ip" and fill nyour ip, gateway...

    Have fun
  7. propsizzle

    propsizzle Active Member

    i use widgetsoid for the same purpose. can give you lots of customizable widgets.
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  8. lobster1982

    lobster1982 Active Member

    Hate to say it.

    I had the iPhone 4s since its launch. Yesterday I bought the skyrocket. I already returned the skyrocket. The original gs2 is much better than the skyrocket.

    On the skyrocket the screen looks terrible. Brightness always changes even with auto off. Phone is laggy.

    Camera is terrible compared to iPhone.
  9. BlackZenith

    BlackZenith Well-Known Member

    Ha! thanks guy, I needed a good laugh :rolleyes:
    Thanks for stopping by lol
  10. patch321

    patch321 Well-Known Member

    i haven't experienced any of these problems. perhaps you got a bad egg? i admit that the screen isn't bright enough for me with auto-brightness on. since i turned it off i have no complaints. i haven't noticed any lag problems but i am using launcher pro instead of touchwiz. i like the camera more than i did on my ogs2, but i'll agree it's hard to beat the iphone it that area (even though i LOVE my skyrocket camera so far)
  11. lobster1982

    lobster1982 Active Member

    I had the Samsung galaxy s2, epic 4g touch before the iPhone 4s and it was WAY nicer than the skyrocket.

    On the skyrocket shit just lags and sometimes doesnt work. Try using the option "auto fit text to page" for the web browser. Doesn't work lol. Worked on the epic 4g touch.

    In the browser hit menu, screen will get brighter. Once you exit the menu it's dim and ugly
  12. Hermanator

    Hermanator Member

    Five days with the Skyrocket after coming from iPhone 4

    What I like:
  13. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Well-Known Member

    I have had pretty good battery life on my phone, but the larger screen probably will use up more power than the iphone screen, if that's what you're comparing it to.

    Think of it this way, soon you will have LTE AND Ice Cream Sandwich on your device!
  14. Gertex

    Gertex Member

    I'm in the same boat... However, I returned the 4S for this phone. So now I can't switch until my contract is up in 2 years or i buy a new phone outright.

    Honestly, there is a HUGE learning curve but every day its getting better. It was the same when we first got on the iphone bandwaggon.

    Battery life is not as good as the 3GS but as good as the 4S. Ever since ios5 my battery life sucked on the iphone. Here is a novel idea though, buy a spare for $20-30 and just switch them out... :) Yeah, can't do that on the iphone!

    This phone is just so much more customizable and slowly but surely I'm moving in.

    Found a cool little app called DGT GTD which is a to do planner that syncs with toodledo and is free.

    Still kind of lost when it comes to understanding all the themes, live backgrounds etc. that you can put on it and where to get them.

    Maybe we can create a post on what cool apps we found and share tips and tricks? Help each other to bring the learning curve down?
  15. Cowboy8467

    Cowboy8467 New Member

    So I just switched from the iPhone 4 to the skyrocket yesterday and so far I'm liking it. There is a pretty big learning curve for somebody who has never had an Android device before but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

    One of the biggest reasons I made the switch is because I know that this phone is supposed to get ice cream sandwich at some point. Does anybody know roughly when we might be getting it?
  16. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    I created this thread with the idea of kinda uniting the ex iPhone users community and at the same time, use it as a way for all of us to share our new experience with android. Feel free to post anything cool (Apps, tricks) that you might discover along the way for the rest of us to try. Also feel free to vent out about what you like or dislike about your new phone and OS as opposed to the old one. My idea is to have an overall friendly thread here guys no flaming, lets just help eachother out :)
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  17. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    I just created a thread for that :D
  18. gunnerz101

    gunnerz101 New Member

    hey guys, bear with me since the skyrocket is my first andriod phone, switch from a blackberry. I know on my friends htc EVO he can copy and paste fb status from his app, i tried the same thing and it doesnt work? any idea how? can you do it on the skyrocket at all? any help is appreciated..
  19. vpkb1998

    vpkb1998 Active Member

    The only learning curve I can't seem to master is the keyboard. I can type fast with the iPhone keyboard but finding myself constantly having to hit the back space key... or the spacebar when i meant to hit the keys above the spacebar.
  20. dmunjal

    dmunjal Active Member

    You should try SwiftKey. I came from an iphone and this is much better.
  21. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    Actually I since the first day I started using the "Samsung " keyboard and was having a hard time then I switched the android one and and to me the difference is night and day for some reason it feels a lot like the iPhone one, so at least its worked for me
  22. snowdog84

    snowdog84 New Member

    Thanks! I just flipped from an iPhone 3GS and am loving the Skyrocket! Of course there were a few things I got a little worried about at first, but as I figure out the equivalent functionality on the Skyrocket, things actually work better than on my old iPhone. Connecting Bluetooth to my car stereo, for example, took me awhile to figure out, but once I did, I was able to send contacts to the stereo via bluetooth....I could never do that on the iPhone (not with my stereo anyway). Discovering a few things like that everyday. I've only had the Skyrocket a little over 2 days now, but so far, all is well!
  23. propsizzle

    propsizzle Active Member

    i, too, came from a 3GS. i was waiting for the "iphone 5" and when all we got was a 4S, i went to the S2, then to the skyrocket for LTE. very happy overall.

    best thing about android is the level of customization that's possible. you can customize just about everything... custom launchers, custom UI, widgets, custom ROMs, custom kernels. it's amazing what's available to you.

    plus, LTE is screaming fast. i like that.
  24. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    You're right the level of customization is amazing compared to the iphone and I think its superior in many ways, although I'm still getting used to it. Of course there are some areas where I think the iPhone does better.
  25. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    There are pro's and con's of both phones. There is very little that compares to apple when it comes to integration with their devices. The down side of apple is they want everything you do to be done their way.

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