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Ex iPhone users support, tips, and overall new experience threadGeneral

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  1. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    Agreed 100%

  2. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    I have a Ford truck with Sync and I really like the fact that while I am connected via bluetooth that I still can hear notifications for email or text. With the iPhone all the notifications were muted when connected via bluetooth.
  3. TheTurtleMan

    TheTurtleMan Member

    I got an iphone keyboard from an app. I hated the keyboards that can on this. And I think this one is even better than the iphone cuz its bigger. ;)
  4. jdizzy8

    jdizzy8 Member

    I had the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4s for 2 weeks. I love my Sky Rocket, the screen is great, it feels great in my hand and so awesome to have a phone that doesn't cramp my hand when I text, type, or play games.

    Little disappointed with some of the connectivity issues, and it feels like some apps (vevo) don't have dedicated data feed on the android device?

    Also, can anyone tell me how to get a movie on the phone? I thought it would be easy with doubletwist, but the "digital copy" is a pain to get onto the phone. Is it even possible?

    Thanks for any suggestions or tips in advance. I will continue reseaching this forum.
  5. 92hatchattack

    92hatchattack Well-Known Member

    ^^^ with my vivid i just connected it to the computer, went into computer and accesed the phone. Put the4 video file in there somewhere in the media folder. The phone figured it out and the movie was there when all was said and done.
  6. jdizzy8

    jdizzy8 Member

    This was the first thing I tried and I kept getting "acquiring license" message and it never played. Are you using the "free digital copy" that comes with your bluray or a movie you ripped?

  7. Gertex

    Gertex Member

    Which iphone keyboard did you download and where?

  8. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    What are.some.of the best themes and launchers you guys have found on the app market? Ww
  9. relativculture

    relativculture New Member

    Ex iPhone user. I picked up a Samsung Skyrocket recently and have been getting used to it ever since. I figured with a grandfathered data plan, I should be using 4G to its potential.

    My biggest issues so far with the phone is media related (and maybe some of you know the answers to these problems)

    1. The music applications do not get that loud in general. When I plug my phone into an AUX plug, I have to crank up my in-car volume along with maxing the Android media volume.

    2. Another music issue, as each track changes, there is a crackle. It also crackles and freaks out when I disconnect my phone from an AUX port to answer a call (the music switches between a psuedo stereo/phone mix instead of a smooth transition and pause I had with the iPhone.

    3. I have tried Winamp, PowerAMP, MIUI, etc. and all have been less than satisfactory.

    4. Also, I haven't been able to find a program that works best with my phone for music and album art. I am on a PC. Should I be using MediaMonkey or Songibrd?

    Apart from the media issues I love the phone, but these issues are big for me since I use the options so often.

    Thanks fellas!
  10. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    Hi and welcome!
    I have the same issues with mine and I thought it's because I have a crappy car.with a crappy stereo lol for me it hasnt been that bad since with.the iPhone I never did this, yeah I think that the overall smoothnes of the iPhone OS is hard to find in any other phone.
  11. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

  12. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    I downladed one called ai type it's awesome its main keyboard is great and the iphone one is awesome I likes
  13. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone will match the smoothness of iPhone. It's hard to do since they control every aspect of the phone (hardware and software). Samsung, HTC, Motorola just keep pumping out handsets left and right pumping up the hardware specs, while the software development doesn't move anywhere near the same pace and has no chance at catching up.
  14. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    I agree and maybe some of these oems should stop and consider working on this because as much as im loving my new android phone for all the cool things it does the my iphone didn't, the user interface is one big drawback and an area where they def need to improve.
  15. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that's not their MO. They wow by packing in the hardware specs to capture new users and people upgrading, leaving everyone who bought their last phone 6 weeks ago in the dust. With android, you have to like the phone for what it does/is, not what you hope it becomes or is rumored to become. Plenty have been burned by the rumor mill.
  16. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    Thats why I went out and bought a phone I really like cus I know that in a couple of mobths a newer "shinnier" one with better specs will come out, like the thing on att. Where they came out with the original galaxy s2 and less than a month later they came out with the skyrocket, kinda like the same deal at verizon, first the droid bionic and shortly after the droid razor. Its crazy. But hey its all about the green.
  17. wyattroa

    wyattroa Member

    I just switched over from an iPhone 3g to the samsung skyrocket and love the thing so far..One thing that is bothering me is I would like to have a different notification sound for when I receive and email and also a text. Right now it is the same sound for both. Anyway around this? I would like to be able to differentiate the two if I am away from the phone. Now if I am actually on the phone and on it at the time a email comes in they have different sounds. But if the phone is idle just laying next to me it will go off and I can't tell if I have an email or a text..Or am I just being picky?
  18. wyattroa

    wyattroa Member

    I go to sounds and notifications but there is just one overall option for notifications..Any other tips?
  19. jbsg02

    jbsg02 Well-Known Member

    You can go into the email app and select a ringtone that is different than your default one, you can also do the same in the messaging app
  20. wyattroa

    wyattroa Member

    I have done that, but when the phone is off in the black screen the notification sound always takes precedence over any other notification sound assigned to the others on my phone and I can't turn off just the one notification so I can only hear the assigned text and email sounds. Starting to get really annoyed.
  21. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    specifically what apps are you using.

    you need to disable notifications in the stock apps you are not using.

    for instance...

    if you are using a text app like chomp sms or handcent ...you need to turn off notifications in the stock app

    open the stock messaging app.menu.settings.notifications (something along those lines)

    uncheck notifications.

    that should kill your double notification
  22. vpkb1998

    vpkb1998 Active Member

    2X on ai type keyboard. My typing is a lot more accurate now. Theres a warning about this type of apps collecting your data as you type though, but i took the risk anyway.
  23. wyattroa

    wyattroa Member

    I called samsung yesterday and they confirmed there is no way around it...They worked with me for half hour and 3 people on their end with the phone in their hands. The phone is made this way. The notification setting off the home screen will always override all the other sounds except for the ring tone. There is no way to turn off the notification sound off of the home screen where you can get to the settings, the only option is silent and if this is chosen you wont get any notice whatsoever.... So pretty much personalized text sounds and email sounds are obsolete. So dumb..The only peronalized sound you can have is the notification sound in the home screen settings. But, if the phone is lit up and on, the sounds and songs that are assigned to the email and text messages will play. They just wont when the screen is dark and this is where the override comes into play with the main notification setting of the phone from the home screen. people want customization..I could not do this with my 3g iphone and now I can't with this phone? are you kidding me?
  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Please clarify exactly what you wish to do. The information you received is not incorrect. Stock android is a base, that is limited. Other applications add functionality

    I can make suggestions but I need to know EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish
  25. wyattroa

    wyattroa Member

    Texting client I am using is GO SMS Pro

    I am trying to have it so that the sounds I assigned to my text messages (funny laugh sound as an example) and emails (a farting noise) will come through when the screen is black. But, they never do. They only come through when the screen is lit up. On to the next part, this is where I think most people might be getting confused.

    When you are on the home screen on the skyrocket you can go to settings>sound>notification ringtone. From this tab, you have choices of silent and then sounds, but no off. If you have it on silent, no notification noise will come through, the funny laugh of the text or the fart noise of the email. Now if you have a sound chosen for this notification tab, which is the only other option besides for silent, say you pick (ringing bell). If the screen is black instead of hearing the assigned texting tone of (funny laugh), that notification tab takes over and the sound (ringing bell) will be played. The same with emails, a (farting noise) should come through, but instead the (ringing bell) comes through. So if my phone is across the room I have no way to differentiate if someone is trying to get ahold of me or if I just got an email.

    Now if the screen is lit up and a text comes through the (funny laugh) will play and if a email comes through the (farting noise) will play.

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