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Ex iPhone users support, tips, and overall new experience threadGeneral

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  1. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    Sports apps with notifications suck on android. Why ESPN scorecenter doesn't support notifications on android like it does on iOS is beyond me. I get a goal update on my 4s and 5min later get it on sportacular on my SR. Scoremobile is no different and sometimes doesn't give any.

  2. Trena

    Trena Member

    I have an icon on the top of my screen that I don't know. Forgive me if is an added app and not simply a droid thing. There's an orange circle with an ever-changing white number in it. There is a grey shape behind it that I can't make out, as the circle is covering it. Any ideas?

    Also, what is the recycle sign icon?

    Thanks folks!
  3. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    i have no idea what that orange circle is... and are you talking about the green recycle sign on top left? that means that battery saver mode is turned on.
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  4. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    oh and for those of you that were looking for good music apps, i use real player, but it's just as good or if not slightly worse than winamp, so if you didn't like winamp you won't like real player. A lot of pp recommend that you use double twist player and using airsync with it, but i found that airsync crashes every single time on my 64bit windows 7. i got so freaking frustrated that i got rid of both of them. airsync isn't free though but the double twist player is free and it's recommended by a lot of pp
  5. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    I actually like the samsung music player.
  6. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    yeah i definitely like the UI of samsung music player except that it doesn't let u control the god damn music from the lock screen. I really miss the music control function from the iphone... i find it annoying that i have to unlock the phone and then go into the music app and then play a song instead of double tapping home button from lock screen
  7. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    Your talking to start the music player. Obviously once the music is playing there are controls on the lock screen.
  8. gmoney5588

    gmoney5588 Well-Known Member

    no, even after it starts if you have pattern lock on, then the music control on lock screen goes away
  9. SteveISU

    SteveISU Well-Known Member

    Yeah, don't use pattern lock. lol
  10. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    try out mix zing... I use it for audio and video. Some iphone users prefer doubletwist due to it's likeness to itunes.

    on your line out issue, you might try a different cable. I can not think of anything else to suggest at the moment. I have been using mine in car for 3 weeks now on our road trip and media volume at 50-60% has been more than sufficient

    as for the crackle..are you by chance plugged into a power source? I have noticed feedback while connected to a power source, I actually just exchanged mine to best buy over the issue. (have not tested the new unit)

    see my post about line out noise and listen to the video
  11. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    it sounds like you have everything set up in go sms pro correctly. it is not my messaging app of preference (handcent) but it should work fine.

    open messaging and press menu.settings.uncheck notifications

    this should fix your issue with that specific issue. if not let me know and I will dload go sms and try and figure out what is wrong as that should do it

    which app are you using for email? the process is the same, but you open the stock email app, menu.settings, turn off notifications (or delete the acct info in there..if you are not using it, why is it there?)

  12. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    This one? If so, it's unread messages in your email account

  13. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    Hey guys so after trying out the skyrocket for 2 weeks I've decided to go back to iPhone, I returned it today and ordered a 4S.
    Overall the skyrocket was a very solid device, but it lacked a couple of things in key areas, for example: while I loved the open source and customization options on the SR as well as the bigger screen, the battery life was horrible in comparison to the iPhone, and where I work I don't have the ability to plug it in once in a while the way it needs to be and I'm constantly on it. Another thing that I didn't like was the overall user interface where it felt very choppy and not as intuitive as the iPhone. All and all I had a good experience with but not enough to convince me to permanently switch. Who knows maybe on the future they will fix this issues, meanwhile see you guys later :)
  14. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    DId you have a 4S before? Wait til you see that battery life. I had every iPhone and the 4S drove me to try something different after 2 different 4S's, updates and 29 days.
  15. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Its bad enough that there are rumors going around that apple will be upgrading batteries for free.

    I hate to see people switch back but the level of user customization needed to android to be complete can be overwhelming to new users.

    All of the above can be corrected..but take time and a willingness to learn.

    I will add also that those switching to an iPhone really should wait. The strong rumor is that the 5 will be released in 6 to 8 months. There may be a ton stuck with that 4s come June/July...and unlike previous models.. .no one will want it
  16. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    That is true, it's happened to me before, luckily I've always been able to sell the older version when one is coming out and use that money towards canceling the contract and what comes out of my pocket is basically the price of the phone itself which usually is around 199.00 (I always get the 16 gig)
  17. jondrew

    jondrew Member

    If Apple had released an iPhone 5 with a 4"+ screen and 4G LTE you would notbe seeing me on this forum. I think the iPhone is the most complete package of functionality, reliability, excellent customer support and build quality of all the phones I've seen. That being said, even though I waited for God knows how long for Apple to implement "cut and paste" on the iPhone, my waiting days were over. I've read about and played in store with just about all the high end phones out there today (and weill know that tomorrow literally will bring the next greatest phone), and decided the Skyrocket is a keeper. I think it's a very nice looking phone (even stacked up to the iPhone 4S and the Razr), and now after having it since launch day on Nov 6th I find it a very solid and capable device.

    My biggest concern, battery life, is fading away as I go from fiddling with the phone constantly to a more natural day to day use pattern of calls, checking email, streaming music, listening to podcasts etc. I'm getting almost a full days use out of a charge, and if I come up short I have a spare battery. By the way, as many here have noted, there is a serious problem with the battery level display. It will say100% all day long right up till the phone shuts down. The only way to get a true read on the battery level is to turn it off and on and you'll see the level instantly change.

    App availabilty is good. I've found most of my favorite apps in the market (Evernote, Pandora, Kindle, FlightTrack, RadarScope, SiriusXM, Netflix and Hulu+). My favorite iPhone/iPad word game is Wurdle, which unfortunately is not available for Android. my iOS/Mac password wallet, 1Password, has a free reader app for android and is apparently working on a full blown app for the OS. my biggest disappointment is that I'm giving up Omni Focus on my phone, since it looks like there are no plans to build an Android version.

    I can't speak to music. I'm not a big music listener and have not invested much time in trying to figure out how to get my iTunes music on the Android. I still have the iPad ans my old 3Gs, so that's not a big deal

    I really like the camera in the skyrocket compared to my old 3GS. can't compare to the new 4s since I have not been able to use one out of the store.

    I get great download speeds even on HSPA+ (not sure when they are going to throw the LTE switch here in Orlando. Generally I get 3-5 M download, with occasional spikes at almost 10 M.

    I love the big bright display. The colors are very vibrant, although I have noticed the somewhat bluish tinge many have talked about. The screen resolution is fine for me, even though phones like the 4S, Razr, Vivid and Nexus have higher resolutions.

    Gingerbread is fairly straightforward as far as I can tell. I'd still give ios 5 my vote as a "better", and more stable OS, but that's me. I've read a lot about ICS, and I'll be interested to see how it's implemented on the Skyrocket. It's funny the small things that mean a lot. I was really disappointed when the Bionic that I test delve before the Skyocket did not have built in screen capture (the Razr does not seem to have it either). I assume that the Skyrocket has an iPhone like screen capture (push the home button and then the power button) as part of the Touchwiz interface. I use screen grabs a lot, and am really happy the Skyrocket has it).

    Anyway, that's my impressions after a few weeks with the Skyrocket. I'm pretty happy with it.
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  18. Diesel82

    Diesel82 Active Member

    You're pretty much right on the money with all those points, for me the 2 things that kinda make me go back was the battery life as well as the overall smoothness and stability of the OS another thing that kinda influenced my decision was the gaming, I love to play all sorts of games specially modern combat and advanced graphics games like that, and the games available on the app market kinda don't do it too much justice ..
  19. Trena

    Trena Member

    Gmoney, thx for the reply. It's note the recycle sign. It seems to be shaped like an old fashioned price tag. It's square, but on the left end of the square, it's pointed. It's grey, but has those little oranged circled numbers that are ever changing. And sometimes it's not there at all. Weird.:rolleyes:
  20. Trena

    Trena Member

    Jetmech, thanks for replying, but no it's not the email icon. See my post to gmoney describing it again. Wish I had a picture!
  21. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Post a screen shot, it's just a notification for some app. Possibly the SNH? Or when it's there, pull down your notifications banner
  22. Trena

    Trena Member

    Thanks for the replay. I don't know what SNH is or how to take a screen shot. I had no idea i could pull down the notification bar! When I did so, there was an item in the list called AT&T and a button that said "clear" beside it. I hit the button and the notification icon disappeared. Still not sure what that is!!

    Also, new problem: Why doesn't the visual voicemail give me a notification of some sort. All I get is a tone. If I didn't hear it, I can only go to VV and look to see if there was a message left. What am I missing here?
  23. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    screen shot = hold the home button and click the power button. Go to gallery it should be under screenshots.

    SNH I kind of screwed up but it Social Hub, I thought it was Social Network Hub

    Visual Voicemail - go to settings and see what's check for notifications
  24. Trena

    Trena Member

    Got the homescreen shot, but I don't know how to get it to my PC so that I can post it on here. Really not much time this week to figure it out. Or I'm sure I can eventually get it done thru my phone's browser. It remains a mystery for now...:cool:

    My settings for the VV have been set for notifications in the status bar. I've figured out that what it does is flash a message for 1 second right after the voicemail is left. My problem is there is nothing that stays on there telling me I have one, so that when I've been away and come back to the phone I don't have to check VV every time to see if there are. And I don't know why my VV icon can't display a little round orange thing with the number in it like texts and emails do??? Consistency people! lol:D:rolleyes: Maybe it's an AT&T thing?
  25. jetmechG550

    jetmechG550 Active Member

    Have a photo bucket account? easiest way to upload and then post here.

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