Exchange active sync problem

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  1. bengigiy

    bengigiy Member

    My HERO can't connect to my work Exchange server.
    We use a server address with port number:

    the connection false in that, it seems that the HERO don't know how to use the port number...

    Has any one have a solution for this?

  2. bengigiy

    bengigiy Member

    any one?
  3. roundst

    roundst Member

    my exchange server runs on port 81, so i use as the server address

    if yours doesn't work, is it possible that your mobile network blocks the port?

  4. bengigiy

    bengigiy Member

    I use wifi and it still dont work...
    orgg... it making me crazy...
  5. roundst

    roundst Member

    Have you tried it with SSL turned off? (or on if you already have it turned off)

  6. bengigiy

    bengigiy Member

    Yes with SSL without SSL...
    the problems seems to be the port number... :-(
  7. bengigiy

    bengigiy Member

    I am the only one with that kind of problem? this is really make my hero useless... :-(
  8. hero_101

    hero_101 Well-Known Member

    I think it would be of help if you listed everything you are typing in rather than just complaining. There are things like the "domain" as in windows domain, that gave me issues. Just list the settings (obviously not your username/password) and people can help you

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