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Exchange ActiveSync, hotmail, failed to create accountSupport

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  1. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    Ok so now hotmail supports PUSH email I figured i'd give it a go on my Desire but everytime I add the account, I always get an error message saying:

    Im using the following settings in the setup:

    I can't really figure out what im doing wrong :confused:
    Does anyone have any ideas? Can anyone else manage to get it to work?

  2. AceMathias

    AceMathias Well-Known Member

    I also get the same message and am keen for MS/HTC to get this feature working, so please let me know if its possible.
  3. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

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  4. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    Ahhh ok, so it's a compatibility problem. That puts my mind at ease somewhat :)
    Hopefully it becomes supported at somepoint in the near future
  5. AceMathias

    AceMathias Well-Known Member

    Found a temp solution (or permanent depending on how i get on with this app)

    Install Improved Email by mtwebster (free).

    When setting enter email address, then go to manual setup.
    Choose Exchange account, then the following settings:

    Domain\Username: \"name"@hotmail.com
    Server: m.hotmail.com
    Tick Use secure conn (SSL)
    Tick Accept all SSL certs

    Then you can choose what to sync and how much to sync.

    I can now see all my email folders, woot! Will let you know how i get on with app, but for now until it gets implemented officially, which apprently is only being held back by not being able to tick accept all SSL certs in the HTC exchange account setup.
  6. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    Good workaround
    I might try it out later but tbh im fine with using the stock email client right now, PUSH mail with my hotmail emails would of just been a treat.

    Just have to wait for PUSH notification support in the Facebook app now haha
  7. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

    I am starting to realise that the non working Hotmail Exchange Active Sync is more down to the default mail app as opposed to Android itself. I am using the app that AceMathias has posted and it works perfect in perfect sync and I now receive my mails within 3-4 seconds!

    [table][tr][td][​IMG][/td][td]Improved Email
    by mtwebster
    1,000 downloads, 91 ratings (4.0 avg)
  8. westtexas

    westtexas New Member

    I wanted to throw up another big thanks to AceMathias on this one. I've been waiting to get full activesync for Hotmail on my Hero, and now my HTC Evo, and none of the other apps would work. But this one does, and it works perfectly!!!

  9. Tristen

    Tristen New Member

    Which version do you all use for Improved Email, don't work on my hero!!
  10. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

    the free version

    It only works on Android 2.2, the HTC Hero is on an older version of Android that's why it doesn't work
  11. duke69111

    duke69111 Active Member

    I got this to work on my phone this morning with no problem. Droid 1. It worked with tick for Accept all SSL certificates checked and unchecked.

    I don't think its completely compatible with Android, but it does delete an email from my phone and its gone from the phone and the browser version.

    The email does show up as soon as it is received though. Which for me is a major plus, even if everything else is sketchy.
  12. Demonhotrod

    Demonhotrod Well-Known Member

    I've just tried it again on my Desire and it still says failed to make account, and I tried it with the SSL Certificates checked and unchecked.
  13. anthgav

    anthgav Well-Known Member

    There is a bug with the mail app on the HTC Desire when using Exchange Active Sync with hotmail thats why it does not work. My friend has a Desire HD and the problem has been fixed. Hopefully the original Desire will recieve the new Sense which comes with the fixed mail app.
  14. davidex

    davidex New Member

    I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.2 and it works perfectly!

    Thanks for that :)
  15. wazup7

    wazup7 New Member

    Yeah, the stock Email app from 2.2 seems to work on my Droid 1. The only downside is I can't manipulate the folders (as in move an inboxed item to a folder)--whereas in Gmail, I can change the labels relatively easily.

    I'll keep my eyes open for a new email client app and let yall know if I find a good one
  16. queb99

    queb99 New Member

    The Improved email app work perfectly on HTC Desire Z with Android 2.2
    Exchange is easy to configure
    Thank you
  17. antoninus9

    antoninus9 New Member

    I may have come up with a partial fix to this problem. It works on my HTC Inspire 4G.

    When I first set things up it worked well for a few days and then quit. When I deleted the account and tried to set it up again I kept getting the error "Could not create account."

    The fix I came up with has some limitations:

    1. You can only see email for the present day and a few from the day before.
    2. Email is checked every 15 minutes or when you open the email app.

    Here's the fix:

    1. Setup a new Hotmail/Exchange account as described in the numerous articles.
    2. When you are asked if you want to "Push" select 15 minutes. (Be sure to go back afterwards and change the peak times settings.)
    3. When asked what you want to sync (email, contacts, calander) de-select all.
    4. Finish the setup by pressing the "Finish" button.
    5. It should create the account without an error.
    6. Now go back to your home screen and go to settings, then "Accounts & Sync".
    7. Click on "Exchange Activesync" and put checks in all the boxes.
    8. Everything should start working.

    If this fails check the "Send & Receive" settings in the mail app. Make sure the Update Schedule is 15 minutes, and download mail is for "1 Day". If this is not setup correctly the Mail app will go into an endless sync cycle and eventually Hotmail will lock the account for a timeout period.

    There are two issues that seem to be causing the problem:

    1. The Android email app does't like to collect more than one screen of email through Exchange.
    2. The Android email app keeps logging into Hotmail/Exchange when "Push" is selected, and Hotmail locks the account temporarily.
  18. dobo

    dobo New Member

    I have been using this App for a while now and have been very happy with it. However in the past few days I have noticed that if my phone or Data connection is off for a period of time then it wont update with any of the emails that have been sent during that time. So I have to login via a browser to get the emails.

    What is worse is that the emails that are missing never download to the App.

    Is this by design? I have tried using different sync frequencies, but the same occurs.

    I really like this app but this problem would make it a non-runner for me.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  19. achacon77

    achacon77 New Member

    Just like everyone here, I was having a problem setting up my hotmail.com account using exchange but as of about five minutes ago, I was able to successfully create the account on my HTC EVO without any errors. FYI.
  20. tys90

    tys90 New Member

    Just wanted to say Improved Email works perfectly. Always wanted to use ActiveSync with my hotmail account.

    HTC Desire 2.2
  21. droidineer

    droidineer New Member

    I managed to get this working by going into application management and clearing the data for HTC Mail application. Of course, this means you need to reconfigure ALL your mail servers again.
  22. lgmayka

    lgmayka Active Member

    This problem has come back to haunt me, after many months without a problem. Next stop: a hard reset.
  23. chkr

    chkr New Member

    My activesync worked excellent on my desire until I upgraded to 2.33 then everything stopped working.

    I tried for 2 days with everything. I even downloaded an external mail app but all ended with "not authorized" error.

    Suddenly it stuck me...I am Swedish, we have dots over our o's and I had changed my password a couple of weeks ago. I removed the "strange" characters from my password and voila...it worked.
    My new email contains only standard characters a-z and digits 0-9

    This is probably not the solution for most of you guys but if I can help someone out there I
  24. nasdotcom

    nasdotcom Member

    I was having this problem for a very long too, and wanted to sync my hotmail contacts, calendar and mail with my phone but the default mail app wouldn't let me. I discovered Improved Mail, and that worked a gem. My phone got a problem and so I sent it back to HTC to fix. When I received it, I discovered the Improved mail app was no longer available. :(. So I decided to try the default mail app, and presto! It worked. I have my hotmail and uni mail all synced on there, along with my contacts, groups, calendar.


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