exchange activesync not retrieving emails automatically

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  1. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member

    I have my hotmail set up as an exchange active sync account, which I thought is supposed to make my microsoft live email push to my phone. it worked beautifully for a while and i'd receive emails as soon as i'd get them in my inbox. the schedule to refresh is "As items arrive" which i'm not quite sure if that's push like it's supposed to or if it just refreshes like an imap account every time i get an email (if i remember correctly, it's never properly updated read/deleted status like gmail does as a push email).

    lately it's just not refreshing at all. even though i have it set to refresh when i open the folder, i actually just have to go into the mail, hit menu>refresh to get my windows live mail.

    any ideas why it's not syncing automatically any more? i checked all the settings, deleted the account and re-added it... still not working.

  2. jpkotor

    jpkotor Well-Known Member

    well i feel silly. i reset my phone and it works fine now... maybe not that silly because i've noticed problems with it for a while on and off and i've been resetting my phone every few days just because i'd be turning it off for this or that so it's been a recurring problem... i guess i'll just see how long it works and reset as needed... :/

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