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  1. Germanguy

    Germanguy Member

    I am new to Android. Have been a longtime WindowsMobile user. The Captivate has a menu to synchronize with exchange including mail, contacts and calenders. I got mail to work, but contacts and calender do not synch. I would assume it is officially supported since it is in the menu. Has anybody else got it to work, meaning can you pull contacts and calender from your exchange account down to your phone?

  2. Blackforge

    Blackforge Well-Known Member

    Yes I have my contacts and calendar syncing to an Exchange 2003 SP2 server. We haven't upgraded to Exchange 2010 quite yet. I only seem to be missing one appointment from my calendar so far. One that I created a long time ago in say Outlook 2000 or 2003, so it wouldn't have a timezone stamp. I think it has problems with these.
  3. Loco Leeep

    Loco Leeep Well-Known Member

    Mine works very well. Maybe it's a server-side problem, are they running Activesync?
    Also too, my at&t sales rep said she had to change my data plan from Blackberry to Exchange. I get the same amount of data for the same price, I'm not sure what the technical difference is.
  4. Loco Leeep

    Loco Leeep Well-Known Member

    I have a question of my own.
    I can see my folders on my phone and access the emails that are in them but I can't seem to move emails to them from my phone, only on my desktop.
    Anybody found a workaround for this?
  5. Germanguy

    Germanguy Member

    Hmm. I am wondering why synching contacts does not work for me. E-mail works just fine. I have no problems synching with the excahnge server using an iPhone or Windows Mobile device. I think we have Exchange server 2007.
  6. dlw444

    dlw444 Member

    Are any of your contacts or calendar items showing? I have 500 plus contacts and they synced just fine. It first just showed 50, then I changed to "push" vs. just syncing manually and they all showed up.

    Do any of you know if the Captivate supports HTML email. I had this on the 3gs, but not on the Captivate.
  7. Blackforge

    Blackforge Well-Known Member

    By default, HTML e-mail when connecting to an Exchange 2003 server via ActiveSync is not supported.

    The iPhone doesn't follow the "standards" for ActiveSync. This is why you were able to see HTML e-mail on the iPhone 3GS.
  8. Fixintu

    Fixintu Member

    Regarding the contacts not syncing.........mine would not sync either. I had all of my contacts in Outlook in sub folders like "Private", "Corporate", etc. In order to get them to sync to the Captivate I had to move all of them back into the default, top level folder "Contacts". Apparently ActiveSync doesn't like sub folders for contacts. :mad:
  9. Germanguy

    Germanguy Member

    ok. The whole Activesync exchange seems very screwy on Android. I deleted exchange account and re-added it. Now, I can see and synch all my contacts, but I only get some of my calender items. I downloaded TouchDown, and via Touchdown I can sync my email but I do not see contacts or calender. I am pretty techsavvy, so this just baffles me.
  10. KMA

    KMA Well-Known Member

    Not 100% sure... but I heard better more complete Exchange support is coming in Froyo. I believe HTC includes improved Exchange support along with their Sense UI layer.

    [edit] Found some info:

    Froyo Exchange support

    Improved security with the addition of numeric pin or alpha-numeric password options to unlock device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.

    Remote wipe: Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data in case device is lost or stolen.

    Exchange Calendars are now supported in the Calendar application.

    Auto-discovery: you just need to know your user-name and password to easily set up and sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).

    Global Address Lists look-up is now available in the Email application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from the directory.

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  11. Terry S

    Terry S Well-Known Member

    In order to get exchange mail to work do you have to have a corporate data plan in addition to your regular data plan?
  12. simulator

    simulator Well-Known Member

    Exchange via activesync works fine for me on the 2g pro plan (not enterprise data)
  13. Blackforge

    Blackforge Well-Known Member

    ActiveSync uses a regular SSL HTTP connection, there is no way to prevent this without blocking all secure website traffic. That would make quite a few people angry ;)
  14. athimber

    athimber New Member

    I have my corporate email (Outlook) inbox with several sub-folders to automatically catalog new emails based on Exchange In-Box rules. Up until yesterday, I was on Palm Treo and had no problem syncing my Outlook folders to my Palm.

    Well all that changed when I switched to new Samsung Captivate. ALthough my Captivate syncs to my Exchange email, it does not show all my folders inside my Inbox. It only shows some of them.

    Anyone else have the same problem? Also any advise as to how to get all the subfolders from my Inbox to show up on my Captivate is much apprecaited.

  15. merrion13

    merrion13 Member

    Athimber, I was able to get all my subfolders to automatically sync but the most frustrating thing is not being able to organize those folders at all on the Captivate.

    I am currently trying the Touchdown demo to help with many Exchange issues on the Captivate, but I have a hard time accepting the idea that I need to spend $20 extra on an app to do something the phone should be capable of in the first place.
  16. paulcooper

    paulcooper Well-Known Member

    I have my emails and subfolders, contacts email & phone, calendar events ALL synced from exchange server 2003 sp2 to my HTC Desire NO problems at all.
  17. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

    thats because Sense UI has an extra added layer for exchange support, I had no problem with activesync with my corporate email using an Evo, but I have to use touchdown for the captivate to access emails, contacts, and cals.

    Hopefully this will change when froyo comes out
  18. athimber

    athimber New Member

    What trick did you do to get all of your subfolders to SYNC to the Captivate? I am missing some key sub folders from my Inbox.
  19. BillBM

    BillBM New Member

    I would like to swap my WM device for an HTC Desire but am concerned about Exchange folder syncing. Suprised to see paulcooper above has folder sync working. It's my understanding that folders (other than inbox) only sync when they're accessed which is of no use whatever if you're out of internet coverage or on a plane !
    I emailed HTC because I couldn't find any definite answer despite extensive searching. They replied : "As you said the Exchange support in Android devices is slightly different from that in Windows Mobile Devices. The main differences are no Task or Notes synchronization and as these comments you have seen say subfolders do not sync automatically".
    I'm just a little concerned about his reply, he seems to imply Exchange might support notes on a WM device (it doesn't) which just makes me wonder about the accuracy of his reply.
    There is always Touchdown or Roadsync for example but I'd be much happier if (like the iphone) the basic OS supported Exchange more fully.
  20. paulcooper

    paulcooper Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree that inbox syncs by itself. and confess that the other subfolders are not synced automatically, it's because i have refresh on open folder so dont notice it much!
    Sorry for the confusion on my part there as I have a HTC windows mobile 6.5 too.

    cant get on with roadsync or touchdown at all and not paying for somethign that should work!
  21. cyberkamote

    cyberkamote Well-Known Member

    Since the thread is generically named, please allow me to post a simple question:

    Where does Exchange ActiveSync store the information synced from the exchange mailbox?

    a.) Phone memory
    b.) SD card

    Next question: Can you change/control where they are stored?

  22. hgrail

    hgrail Member

    I'm using Samsung's Kies to sync my Calender and Contacts with Outlook and it is fast, smooth and FREE.

    avail from here: Samsung Kies Syncs Captivate, Vibrant With PCs - AppScout

    It does sync memos with the provided memo application which isn't bad -but no import from outlook. I copied and pasted my memos from outlook into the Kies desktop and synced it to my phone. For almost 100 memos it only took 15 mins.

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