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  1. khankll

    khankll Member

    i have coorporate exchange acccount. i have configured it on my company provided android ics phone.
    i have made my account to sync email (7 days) . calender. contacts.
    but when i go to people/contact there exchange users are not shown. (when i select the proper account in contacts to display ) . it only says " contacts in skfsdfkh@ksdf.ksd " and no contact is shown below.
    i would like to be see all exchange contacts so that i am able to find any contact if i know a part of their name etc.

    i would like to be able to see them when i am not connected to interent.
    Same as is the case with outlook offline address book.

    besides in email application is there a way to perform advanced search as is available in outlook offline address book ? say for a specific user about whom i have some details but dont remember his name ? i cannot find a way in the default email application any way to perform advanced search.


  2. SavageRobot

    SavageRobot Well-Known Member

    What phone are you using?
    If you go into the "Contacts" app and press the menu button is there a "filter" option or anything like that? Check if Exchange contacts is checked.
    Also, when in the contacts app section and pressing menu is there "Settings"? Check accounts and sync in there and just check that contacts is also set to sync along with mail / calendar etc.

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