Exchange Contacts Sync Problem

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  1. Gwave65

    Gwave65 New Member

    I have ran into a couple of my users having problems syncing their Outlook contacts via Exchange 2007 ActiveSync once their number reaches into the thousands. When I reduce the number of contacts in their mailbox down, syncronization resumes. Does anyone know of a limit that android has on contact synchronization? I've seen this on both the Droid X and Incredible. Thank you for your time.

  2. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Heh, I'm running into the same problem. User has a Droid2.
  3. kfi

    kfi New Member

    I am having the same problem. One of our users has nearly 4400 contacts. Email and Calendar appear to sync fine, but contacts do not. Was anyone able to find a solution to this? I tried contacting both Verizon and Motorola (Droid X), they both suggested 3rd party software (touchdown $20 and 'Improved Email' $0). I tried the free one but no luck.
  4. Gwave65

    Gwave65 New Member

    Unfortunately, I have not found a resolution to this issue. It seems the more Android devices we implement into our organization, the more bugs we are finding. I'm kind of starting to regret moving our company off of Blackberry. Android isn't 100% ready for the corporate environment yet.
  5. Aristotlejones

    Aristotlejones New Member

    Anyone found a solution? My CEO recently switched and has tried both the HTC Incredible and Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate with Verizon and both fail after a week or so. He will lose his account or contacts or calendar. He has a very large number of contacts, around the 3500 mark.

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