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  1. tkdjones

    tkdjones New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 8, 2010
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    When I first got my Ally I was able to connect with our companies Exchange server with no issues. I wasn't able to get my calendar but at least I could get email. Since the OTA update, my email screen is black. It shows the Company Name I gave it and when I press sync, i see it syncing but nothing is showing. I have TWICE done a factory reset, still nothing. I have verified with our network tech that the setting are correct. I even downloaded the free version of Touchdown (I read it could push start the email) and have been using it successfully but hate to pay for something I should be getting for free.

    firmware 2.1-update 1
    kernal version 2.6.29 lge@android-build#2
    sw version vs740zvb

    Can anybody help me?


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