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Exchange Email setup on i1Support

  1. the_clock

    the_clock Member

    This is my first post here, though I have been searching this forum for quite some time now...this is the first time a search does not resolve my issue.

    So I have more or less two problems here.

    First, I set up my work email through POP3 protocol and that worked awesomely, even with the built in mail app...one problem though, all of my emails in Outlook were being marked as read automatically. (I'm assuming because once they are downloaded via POP3 from the server, outlook thinks they have been read.)

    So now I start thinking, "Well I'll just set it up through Exchange".

    Well, the account seems to validate and go through the setup process, but whenever I try to download messages, it just wont.

    I entered my mail server's IP as the server name, and the local domain we use to log into the AD as the domain name.

    Anything else I'm missing? This is quite frustrating...all I want is to be able to receive emails and not have them marked as read in Outlook.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Member

    Can you use IMAP? That would give you better control over read/unread than POP, while potentially being easier to deal with than the proprietary Exchange protocol.
  3. the_clock

    the_clock Member

    Hmm let me try that...for some reason I always avoid IMAP without a real reason...will get back once I try it out.
  4. the_clock

    the_clock Member

    Just configured it that way, works perfectly, thanks a lot!
    It even fixed the same issue on the iphone my boss is using.

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