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  1. redrob2

    redrob2 New Member

    I've had this problem for a few versions of Android so far, but right now I'm on 2.3.4. I'll be updating mail via push from my company's OWA-based web server and everything works great for a couple of hours. If I want to manually refresh it works fine then as well. I'll get the little circle spinning in the upper-right corner showing it is trying to update my mailbox. After an hour or so it stops working with no errors. I don't get any emails from push, and if I hit refresh the spinning circle never appears. If I kill the app and restart it I still have the same problem, but if I reset my phone it works fine again. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for the help!


  2. redrob2

    redrob2 New Member

    Anyone have a thought on this one?

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