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Exhibit 4g battery lifeGeneral

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  1. rethsny

    rethsny New Member

    Does anyone know what the battery life is like on the exhibit 4g. Can't seem to find much info on this phone. Thanks.

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  2. jboston511

    jboston511 New Member

    I'd say its pretty good, definitely one of the top android phones I've used in terms of battery life.

    I can use it for a few hours as an mp3 player while at work, some web browsing, texting and phone calls and make it through the day with plenty of juice left. If I am watching videos that takes its toll on the battery.

    Overall the phone gives incredible bang for the buck.
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  3. doxiemomma87

    doxiemomma87 Guest

    Ive had great battery life considering the fact that its a smartphone. Lasts all day long. Might not last as long if you listen to a lot of music but I havent got to try that all out yet. Overall its a nice phone.But I do miss my mytouch4g.
  4. Lodiz

    Lodiz New Member

    I have had this phone since 7/12 and the Battery life is terrible. I just spent and hour with tech support at Samsung.com and they are not able to resolve the problem. I charged the phone all night and 2 hours of use and it"s already at 57% life. i am going to get a new battery and hopefully get some life out of this. Good phone if it wasn't for the battery issue.
  5. doxiemomma87

    doxiemomma87 Guest

    Just an update: I have been using my phone and the battery life has continued to be great. I charge it at night and it lasts me all day, even through surfing the web, listening to music and texting. And an occasional game or two. I also have a live wallpaper as well. For me personally this battery lasts longer than any of the other smartphones that I have had. There are some other things I dont like about the phone but this thread isn't about all that lol.
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  6. awb227

    awb227 New Member

    I've found that the battery life is very dependent on what's running: For me, the three largest drains (without any streaming) were, by a large degree, highest first:
    o Wi-Fi Connectivity
    o GPS Support
    o Display Brightness

    Controlling these reduced the drain by about 70% !. Of course, your results are likely to be different. To view usages:
    Settings > About Phone > Battery Use

    To quickly and easily control some major power consumers, select one of the 5 Home pages that has some room, then
    Menu > Add > Widgets > Power Control (Android)

    For additional info see:
    Android battery life: how to improve it | News | TechRadar UK

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  7. VinceSerge

    VinceSerge Member

    Agreed, the battery life is definitely a positive. I lowered my settings as mentioned above to get the best out of the battery life, i'm more worried about protecting my screen from scratches now
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  8. salvage

    salvage New Member


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