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  1. oifla

    oifla Member

    hello all

    looking around for a good deal on an android phone for t-mobile and it seems like all roads lead to the exhibit II. i've found a lot of comments on slow / laggy performance for this phone which makes some sense given the single processor. so, here's my question: is it possible to install an older simpler version of android on it? i am very happy with the version of androind on my google G1. even though the hardware is ancient, that (relatively vanilla) version of android works fine on that phone, i would like to install something similar on the exhibit II so that i can have a bit faster processor and 4G. (similar to taking an older laptop and running XP on it so that the OS doesn't overwhelm the older hardware). can it be done? thanks

  2. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    RebelROM and Peach Sunrise are probably the best ROMs for this phone. It's a great budget Android phone with 4G. There is no customer kernel to overclock it, though. Very underrated phone.
  3. oifla

    oifla Member

    ok, are those 'lighter' (in terms of RAM) than what comes on the phone (gingerbread)? i'm a noon w phones as you can tell :)

    right now (just bought the phone), with no apps or anything else downloaded on it , the OS is using upo 220mb out of 356mb.
  4. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    These roms remove alot of unnecessary bloat (Samsung or T mobile) software. It should help but the phone is limited by being single core
  5. ticojpunk

    ticojpunk Active Member

    The phones performance increases dramatically when Peach Sunrise or Rebel ROM are installed.

    The slowness and lag that plagues the stock ROM is pretty much eliminated with the custom ROMs.
  6. oifla

    oifla Member

    ok, thanks. i will try them out. are there any significant differences between the two/one to recommend more than the other?
  7. BadWolf47

    BadWolf47 Active Member

    I rooted and removed the bloat, but kept the stock ROM. It's noticeably quicker.
  8. oifla

    oifla Member

    cool, that sounds like it might be a good first step. i'm pretty decent with computers but i've never messed with my phone.

    i think i can figure out rooting, how did you figure out what to get rid of (do you remember what you removed?)?
  9. to serve man

    to serve man Well-Known Member

    I am on same boat as you, and I will watch this thread closely. :) I cannot believe the amount of bloatware T-Mo and Samsung put in this phone (less samsung more t-mobile) and some of them actually keep running even once you close them.

    Once you find out which rooting method is best, please share. I will also root this phone first, and remove the bloatware, see if that helps. I spent a while setting up everything for my wife, I just don't want to go through all that again, install apps, etc..etc..

    Could you let us know which bloat did you remove? Was it the obvious ones (like navigation, my t-mobile, t-mo tv, etc.. ), or did you actually remove some of the essentials as well like calendar, calculator, voice recorder, etc.. (they are still green in that safe to remove list)

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