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    Nov 27, 2011
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    I'm wondering if my Memory card is messed up. Check out my issue:

    I got this Exhibit with the intentions of using it as an MP3 player. I have 16GB of music that I wanted to put into my phone. I bought a 32GB Memory card. I've owned this phone for 3 months now and I can only put 4GB of music into this phone even with this 32GB memory card. If I want to add music to my phone, I have to delete the memory card of all existing files in order to put new files into it. This doesn't make sense. isn't that the purpose of a higher memory card? I got a 32GB thinking that this would be more than enough space to put my music into but I can only upload 4GB then the phone disconnects itself and when I reconnect, it will not accept any more files. Is this a glich? Can this phone only handle 4GB of music files regardless of any upgrade in memory card? Or is there something wrong with my phone or memory card?

    Other than this, I think the phone is great but if I knew I would have this problem, I wouldn't have gotten it. I should've just gotten an iPod and a cheap phone instead.


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