Existing root methods and recent ICS update?

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  1. naelocin

    naelocin Member

    It seems like most of the activity on this thread has died off, but I've seen a couple users facing the same issue I am and no solutions.

    I just updated my Tab to 4.0.4 with the most recent (US) OTA update. After using it a bit, I decided that it was finally time to root my device. There were a few posts questioning whether or not the established root methods would work with the newest update, and a few conflicting answers.

    Just now, I tried to root using the guide here on Android Forums. Every step worked perfectly, but I checked with Root Checker after successfully flashing the root zip, and it said that I do not have root access. I checked with a few other root-only apps, and was given the same message.

    So does anyone have any ideas or solutions?


  2. kazoo52

    kazoo52 New Member

    make sure you have superuser installed... open superuser then try rootchecker
  3. naelocin

    naelocin Member

    Superuser was installed, opening made no difference.
  4. naelocin

    naelocin Member

  5. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    From what I've read, flashing Superuser doesn't give an uninstall option.
    Are we better off installing via the Play Store?
  6. Gungafell

    Gungafell Member

    I just got a galaxy tab 2 and it has 4.04 installed. I'm having the same issues. I just want to root. Has anyone found a solution?
  7. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    For the Tab 10.1, wifi only, model 7510, running official US ICS 4.0.4, if anyone needs the correct files for rooting, I have them.
    Just give a holler via PM.
    The files are CWM, and SuperSU.
    And, SuperSU can be uninstalled, and updated via the Store.
    These are the files I used, and everything works fine on my tab.

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