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  1. socko99

    socko99 Member

    Found this on ModMyMobile

    I finished rooting my XT on my MacBook Pro. Just download the Mac version of the ADK, use Terminal to run ADB and you're golden. (Thanks jcsjr)

    Hope it helps someone.

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  2. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    Thanks Socko! You're aces!!!

    Just a question: Are there differences between Intel and Non-intel Macs as to how this works?

    Is there a step-by-step available like there is for Windows modding of the XT anywhere? If so, do you have the link?

    Thanks so much Socko!
  3. Here are the steps I used for rooting from mac.
    If you know linux commands, it is a trivial modification of the steps from
    [ROOT] Cliq XT
    I added more details about the SDK, and practical suggestions about typing the commands on the phone.

    I kept everything under my Downloads directory

    ==on the phone ==
    - download from the market ConnectBot or other terminal emulator
    - enable Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging
    == on the Mac ==
    - download and extract android-sdk_r08-mac_86.zip from Android SDK | Android Developers
    (It was
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  4. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

  5. Sorry for the previous long post.

    Other then installing the Mac SDK and finding a terminal and the paths to files,
    everything is the same as for windows.

    I just finished the mac-based installation of a custom recovery and adlxmod-xt-2.1.54, and I am extremely happy.
  6. Ooh, the beauty of unix :rolleyes:

    The script cannot find the path to existing files.
    The swt.jar should be in both of the following directories:

    if this is the case then the following command could help
    setenv ANDROID_SWT ~/Downloads/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/lib/x86_64
    then try
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  7. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    It doesn't recognize he setenv command.
    I'll give this a rest for now. Thanks Butcher!
  8. I am sorry.
    I could give you hundreds of other tips, a few of them could work maybe.
    Just let me know any time. :eek:

    The first one would be to type in the terminal
    export ANDROID_SWT
    setenv ANDROID_SWT ~/Downloads/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/lib/x86_64

    then try
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  9. Re-TARDIS

    Re-TARDIS Member

    I plan on trying a new rom this afternoon, witch one works the best?
    Thanks for all this great info!
  10. From the descriptions and discussions it seems to me the mast stable is adlxmod.
    I have experience only with adlxmod (installed it yesterday).
  11. Queue515

    Queue515 Active Member

    Hello everyone.

    Working my way through setting up my G2. It is an awesome phone.

    Plain android takes some getting used to after living with blur. Personally, I kinda liked blur. I'd love to see blur 2.1 someday. Anyhow, I'm getting there with the G2.

    So far, the only thing my CLIQXT did better than the G2 is bluetooth. I have the MOTO S9-HD, and use them when walking the dog. I hardly ever would get dropouts with the xt, today with the g2 it was drop out city. Hopefully a battery recharge will improve things.

    Froyo is awesome, and I'm having fun installing all those apps that I could not access on 1.5
  12. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    Hi there Queue515,

    Glad you're enjoying your G2. You are having more dropped calls with the G2? I never used Bluetooth with the XT since I had so much trouble with it on the BH2.

    I think that my reasons for leaning toward the G2 are precisely because it is Vanilla Android. Both the BH2 and XT had overlays and I am wondering that these *were* the problem? Yes, the overlays were fun but when they possibly contribute to the inoperability or the upgrade-ability of the phone, I had to rethink their usefulness.

    Hopefully, I am not asking too much of the G2, having been so disappointed with the two previous lemons. I saw some videos of the upcoming LG Optimus 2X today. It is blazing fast and it has what appears to be a TouchWiz-like environment very much akin to the Vibrant. So, because of that overlay atop Android, I am reticent to consider it.

    I'd like to hear more about your experiences with the G2.
  13. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    @butcheroftexas - the Speaker toggle will still exist with that program. For some it helps make it better for others it can make things more complicated.

    What I recommend is that once you make a call and toggle the speakerphone button, you should press the home button and then press the lock button. That way the phone isn't on the PHONE APP, so you can move the phone from your face and the proximity sensor doesn't cause it to need to get toggled once again.

    At this moment I also recommend the following ROMS:
    Motoblur 2.1.54
    ADLXMOD 2.1.54

    Both of these ROMS have most of the BUGS fixed except for the Speakerphone toggle.
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  14. Re-TARDIS

    Re-TARDIS Member

    Thanks for the helpful info, I wonder if mark will come visit. He made some useless post earlier on the motofail thread
  15. 41rw4lk

    41rw4lk Member

    I have the WFM Cliq XT, tried to root but it doesn't seem permanent. Has anyone successfully rooted a WFM device?
  16. AdrianG2

    AdrianG2 Member

    I just saw this.. Im adrianxt from the moto forums.. I just made an adjustment to the name since im no longer a xt user.
  17. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    LOL great to see you again Adrian!
  18. socko99

    socko99 Member

    The WFM cliqXT will root and stay permanent. Try some of the links on my post #15. I suspect you didn't actually finish the rooting process, or most likely - just rooting the phone doesn't change appearance or features. If superuser app is in the app tray then you are rooted.

    After rooting, a custom ROM needs to be installed (I'm using Mastermind278 ROM and lovin it).

    One word of warning to all potential first time modders: Make sure you do your homework first, understand the issues and have a backup plan if all goes south.
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  19. AdrianG2

    AdrianG2 Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome back into the community!!

    I am having trouble rooting this phone. I don't know where to start.. I need some help from someone!! I cant find my serial number in the "how to set up adb/usb drivers" part.. HELP!!
  20. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    We've got several people here who are rooted, chief among them is Mastermind278 who has created a ROM that lots of people are happy with... There is also Butcher and Socko who have rooted their XT's so, ask away, Adrian! I'm sure some of them can help!

  21. Queue515

    Queue515 Active Member

    Not dropping calls, I like to listen to music on bluetooth headphones while walking. On the g2, the music cuts out much more frequently than on the xt. This is when listening outside, and often out of direct line of sight. Definitely not optimal bluetooth conditions, but the xt didn't seem to have a problem.
  22. 41rw4lk

    41rw4lk Member

    Nvm. It took a billion tries to actually get it rooted, but it is rooted for sure now. So, if anyone cares or wants to know. WFM Cliq XT can be rooted like the rest.
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  23. Overbord

    Overbord Member

    I have successfully been using the adlx fo almost a month now. I just started having issues with his oc kernel though. I had to turn mine down to 691 and below to keep it stable. It just randomly shut down with the higher settings
  24. Overbord

    Overbord Member

    Like my earlier post said make sure you have RDS on you computer to do a master reset if needed
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