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  1. blackrob1010

    blackrob1010 Member

  2. AdrianG2

    AdrianG2 Member

    Thank you so so much for helping me out. I am rooted now and loving the Cliq XT. Thank you to MasterMind for creating this super smooth rom. Thank NV for creating this thread for us who wanted to learn. Thank you to everyone else that helped!

    I ran into a few peoblems during the actual rooting process but they were typing mistakes. You guys truly are the best!

    Im now about to load up the speakerphone fix!
  3. AdrianG2

    AdrianG2 Member

    is the froyo rom out now?
  4. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    @Adrian, you're welcome! Happy New Year to you and yours!!!
  5. AdrianG2

    AdrianG2 Member

    Thank you! Happy News Year to you as well as everyone in this forum!

    Me and the XT will bring this year in on a good note.. Lol

    Which rom should I be using to get the speakerphone fix?
  6. lcihon40

    lcihon40 New Member

    Ok...I got Barelyblurred up and running on my XT. I could not have done it with the great directions that I got here. I am able to follow directions fairly well but now I want to fix the speakerphone toggle. I am not sure how I do that...don't quite understand the process. Could one of you walk me through it? Happy New Year and thank you for all your work!!
  7. Re-TARDIS

    Re-TARDIS Member

    Happy new year everyone!
  8. socko99

    socko99 Member

    Happy New Year everyone. I'm running 2.1, was it a dream? Is it 2012 and Moto got it out in Q4? No!

    Special props to great devs like adlx and mm278 for all their hard work in getting us what Motofail couldn't or wouldn't.:D
  9. kulisek

    kulisek Guest

    So I have finally made the plunge over from the cliq xt support forums which I will still follow, but being beyond tired of waiting like many others, it is time for me to gain the "best user experience" by my self since the money has, as of yet, not been able to get it for me.

    Happy New Year to All!!!

    Here is where I am going to start:
    1.) Figure out how to root the xt so that I can revert back if I need to
    2.) Get rooting
  10. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    Welcome and Happy New Year, Kulisek! Take your time. There's lots of info here and lots of help available, so make yourself comfy and delve in!

  11. 41rw4lk

    41rw4lk Member

    I'm jealous of the way the cyanogen mods look, they have nice themed builds. As far as I know, they don't have anything near as stable and functional as adlx. So I have a couple of questions.
    Is there a way to achieve these kind of looks with adlx?
    The boot time and screen itself are a little less than desirable, can I mod this?
    Finally, I'm pretty quick to learn and eager to contribute; What software or resources do I need in order to modify roms? I love what this community does and all of the people involved, and I would love to help push things forward and help us bring our underdog XT into the light.
    Any suggestions or advice would greatly be appreciated. I apologize if I'm veering off of the topic too much.
  12. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    @lcihon40 - BB and Motoblur currently do not have a working speaker fix. I am waiting to get an extra CliqXT in order to be able to do some more developing (as my CliqXT is currently my only one). Hopefully I can get one soon enough and be able to do some more extensive testing to get fixes out for those builds.

    @Everyone - For those struggling to ROOT and reverting back, you can always use RSDLite and bring the phone completely back to stock: CLIQ XT & QUENCH firmwares Superthread
    (Will only work if you are a Windows User).

    @41rw4lk - If you want SIMPLE/Easy Themeing of YOUR PERSONAL ROM, I'd recommend using Metamorph as it would be the easiest to use for novice users.
    To modify ROMS, honestly you need a nice booting Linux Partition to really start doing much of the modifications. Again novice users probably should use an Android Kitchen to help facilitate things.
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  13. jmasters

    jmasters New Member

    i've been with T-Mobile forEVER, so my exit strategy was to call Customer Loyalty, and try to talk them into helping me out. i told him why i was calling, and he knew the story. Here's the interesting part. He said there had been a few very small trials of 2.1 sent out to select customers, and he said he would try and see if he could get me into one of those groups. i said, "That'd be cool, but i've got another suggestion." i told him that my wife was due for an upgrade (she's still using a RAZR v3), and there's a buy-1-get-1-free on the MyTouch 4G for new customers right now, so i asked him if he could get me the free phone if she bought the upgrade. He hesitated, but then said he could do it.

    Now, my situation is somewhat unique, because i seriously have been with T-Mobile since they were Powertel, so this particular guy was willing to work with me. i think he was also happier to help us since we would be buying at least one of the 2 phones. And he's going to have to follow-through with those billing tweaks. But, for now, i've got 2 new mt4g's coming in the mail.

    i'll keep monitoring this thread, because it's interesting, and i'm still toying with the idea of rooting my CliqXT, but since we'll have to shell out some money for one new phone, i may just put it on ebay.
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  14. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    @jmasters I'm glad that things worked out well for you! And thanks for sharing your Exit Strategy process!!! I'm sure that it will help someone.

    I was going to ask for the BOGO deal on my family plan too. The deal that was offered was: Agree to a renewed 2-year plan on one line, Buy one G2, MT4G or Samsung Galaxy Tab and get a unit of same or lesser value for FREE. The lesser value phones are: Moto Defy, Moto Charm, LG Optimus T, or the T-mo Comet for FREE. T-Mobile Announces BOGO Smartphone Deal Starting Black Friday | Android Phone Fans - The deal/offer is good til January 18th

    Enjoy your new phones! And if you decide to root your XT, we're all here. Whether you root or not, come hang out anytime!!! All the best to you and your wife
  15. michaelrbanks

    michaelrbanks New Member

    Okay, I've moved over from lurking in the Moto forum & now taking the plunge into 2.1. I worked through all the steps in the Unlockr and had no problems rooting, but when I'm trying to start "su" from a shell to flash the recovery image, I keep getting "could not load libbinder.so" errors.

    Connectbot on the phone shows the hash # symbol, so I'm pretty sure I have root access, but I'm stuck here.

    Any help out there?
  16. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    @michaelrbanks - Do NOT user SuperOneClick Root... it doesn't seem to work on our CliqXT.
    Please follow the proper rooting instructions found here:
    [ROOT] Cliq XT
  17. michaelrbanks

    michaelrbanks New Member

    @mastermind -- followed those directions to a T, but same result "libbinder.so" errors when trying to run su from ADB.
  18. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Did you at some point try Super One Click? Trying rebooting the phone and then try again.
  19. 41rw4lk

    41rw4lk Member

    I rooted with SuperOneClick, it was seriously all about the timing I guess. I did have to try about 2 dozen times (no joke) but as soon as it rooted the superuser popped up and asked for permission. I tried the manual way a couple of times too, never had a glitch and everything went just as it should, but it would never hold root, more specifically the su would never link or whatever it does. So in my opinion, rooting the XT is kind of a shotgun approach, you just have to keep firing till it finally hits. I know Mastermind is the pro, so I would definitely follow his advice, I just wanted to share my experience so that people can see it isn't always cut and dry. Good luck and thanks again for all the hard work and efforts on everyone's part.
    *Note - With superoneclick, I disabled usb debugging as soon as it pushed ratc, then once it was waiting for the device I enabled it, that seemed to kill the loop and do the trick. Again, it seriously is all about timing with superoneclick.
  20. taztech

    taztech New Member

    Another Motoforums lurker checking in here. Just finished rooting/flashing my 19 year old daughter's XT with adlx and she couldn't be happier. She is a complete non-techie and doesn't know 1.5 from 2.1 from a hole in the ground, but she did know she couldn't run Angry Birds! She can now, and says the phone is running much faster than before (though she mostly uses it for texting and she had 3,000+ messages stored on there that I just archived on the computer and didn't restore, that might have something to do with it).

    THANKS A MILLION to all of the devs who made this happen and everyone who provided links above. Your efforts are very much appreciated!
  21. 41rw4lk

    41rw4lk Member

    I have adlx 2.1.54 kernel 2.6.29
    Everything is working pretty decent, but I see lags here and there (I'm not bloated with junk either)
    I seen a post about overclocking here The Cliq XT has been OVERCLOCKED! - Page 4 and it has a link to an OC kernel here http://db.tt/ycGv1ff

    Can I flash this OC kernel? Right now my max is 528Mhz and I can't go higher. The reason I mention it is because they reference adlx 2.1.54-1 which I believe is a patch that has some cleanup and minor fixes.
    If I have everything straight I need to apply the incremental 2.1.54-1 patch, then apply the OC kernel... right?
    I need some advice, I don't want to get everything out of sort and end up making a big mess out of my phone.

    *Nevermind, I got it. Done a little more reading and research (should have done that first lol), I have everything flashed and updated. Now I'm cruising along at about 710Mhz and everything is smooth. Makes you wonder why the XT couldn't have been this sweet right out of the box.

    **Spoke too soon, after a reboot I get bootloops. I really need some advice because I can't go back to 528Mhz lol. @Mastermind278 show me the error of my ways :D

    I apologize if I'm out of bounds or not posting where I need to.
  22. Re-TARDIS

    Re-TARDIS Member

    I can't wait to try this, I've only been waiting to see how the bugs got worked out and it seems that it has.
    I don't have internet on my home pc so I was wondering if some good samaritin would zip up all the files needed to root and flash, and the appropriate files that need to be flashed ( not even sure I'm using the right lingo)
    I'd like to download everything I need to my phone and then transfer the folder they're in to my computer.
    If this isn't possible then maybe just a list of files needed
    Thanks to all the mod gods
  23. Overbord

    Overbord Member

    Well after calling them to complain about bad memory they sent a new one. I have been busy rooting and romming. this one i was able to run j_r0dd. so mo memory issues yet. It is busy running the rom install now. hoping that installing all zips at once will not kille the install
  24. coolbrz731

    coolbrz731 Member

    Don't worry. Just go down 20Mhz. I have mine running at 690Mhz and have not had problems for over a week. Battery life went from "awesome"(2+days on heavy usage) to "great"(over a day w/heavy usage, provided I don't forget to turn off remotedroid at night):p
    I'm sure you'll be more than happy with the results. And put a setcpu and airplane mode toggle widget on your desktop for playing 3d game. That way in a few clicks you can boost your phone to 748Mhz and w/airplane mode tuned on, it actually plays 3d games pretty good.
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  25. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    @41rw4lk Did you get your problem fixed? You might have to nand restore to a previous state if you are just getting boot loops. I would try to keep the phone at around 710Mhz as suggested somewhere else. But it all depends on the individual phone. My phone hasn't had any issues with bootloops at max speed, though some how at max speed it LAGS at times.

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