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  2. arcticfix

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    was wondering if they could do this on the triumph...i had an lg optimus q running an area51 rom that utilized the sd card for more memory...hopefully they can maybe use this in ics or jb to make phone run faster
  3. dsmryder

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  4. wildplace

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    i would not advise to use it if u hv a slow sd card and might degrade ur sd card too.
    but it can improve multitasking
  5. Wpz2000

    Wpz2000 Well-Known Member

    I'll add to it by saying not to use this unless you know you have a fast RANDOM write SD card.

    The SD card speed ratings are for sequential writes (good for cameras) and even the fastest class 10 can have really really slow random writes. I've seen some famous brand name class 10 cards (even UHS1) benchmark at random writes speeds of 10KB/s.

    The only way to know if you have a fast random write card is to use a benchmark utility like CrystalDiskMark.

  6. ben1122a

    ben1122a Well-Known Member

    confirmed. Was playing dragonvale, has some serious lag/freezes. Exited, ran this app. Said my SD card write speed was 3 mb/s while the recommended was 6 mb/s but I have experienced no lag in any app or in general while this has been activated.
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    Edit: NO WAREZ!
    (Sorry peoples)
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